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Three Ways Hypnosis and NLP Improve Sales Performance

hypnosis and NLP –Neuro-Linguistic Programming are powerful tools for sales success. Back in 1981 these techniques became relatively main stream in sales training circles. The reason these techniques have become so popular in sales is due to their positive impact on the minds of the sales professionals. The other reason for their popularity is their […]


Move Past Fear and Become a Powerful Public Speaker

The fear of public speaking is the most common phobia. It has been said that people fear public speaking more then they fear death. Although that may sound extreme most people aren’t faced with death at the next sales meeting and so the speaking fear is more real and more immediate.
Many people make their fear […]


Entrepreneurs who Struggle with Guilt and Regret

People who sell a product or service risk a part of themselves every day. They risk self esteem, self confidence their perceived income. This comes at a price for many in sales. It can be empowering to be completely responsible for your level of income. However when things are not going well it can also […]


Goals to Create a Life that Matters

In order to be more successful you need to use the power of your subconscious mind to break through old patterns and obstacles. You can change in an instant by making a decision to change. The fact is that the choices we make in life create who we become.
Many people tend to choose the easy way […]


Three Tools for Self Awareness, EQ for Sales Performance

Self Awareness is one of the most important aspects of emotional intelligence. “Emotional Intelligence” or EQ has been most famously written about by Daniel Goleman. By being more self aware you will increase your ability to function well in all aspects of life. For those in sales or who are entrepreneurs this aspect of EQ […]

Health & Weight Loss

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Get Over the “All or Nothing” Mindset and Lose Weight Permanently

Halloween now kicks off the holiday eating season. The beginning of this “season” used to be Thanksgiving. However Halloween is now a huge retail and eating holiday as well. There are parties and baskets of candy everywhere along with Halloween cupcakes and other treats.

Holiday eating is one of the ways people throw off their ability […]


Hypnosis for Behavior Change and Weight Loss

The average diet lasts 72 hours.   hypnosis and behavior modification can make weight loss permanent. Obviously the habits and behaviors with food need to change if any weight loss is to become a part of your life. My clients are typically those people who want to lose between 20 and 150 lbs.
All behavior comes from […]

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5 Ways to Simplify Weight Loss

As a hypnotherapist I see many clients who want to lose weight. Losing weight is difficult for many due to the many habits and behaviors that are involved in changing this very complex issue.   The habits that need to change are many and the emotional reasons to eat can be complex but there are ways […]

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5 Ways Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss

Dieting doesn’t work for permanent weight loss. Any diet works short term if the dieter sticks to the diet.   However the ability to be that self disciplined is finite. In other words a person’s self discipline and self control weakens over the course of a day. So what can you do to lose weight and […]

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Lose Weight Permanently

Symbolically the New Year is a time of new beginnings and so the perfect time to start a new habit or behavior. As a hypnotherapist, this is the time of year that I receive the most calls from new clients. One of the most popular behaviors to change is eating behavior. I use hypnosis to […]