Paralyzed by Fear

Are you paralyzed by fear? Powerful words indeed. Or as FDR once stated, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.  Another incredibly powerful statement of the power that fear exerts over all of us. So what is it about fear that makes it such a powerful emotion?? Its power lies in our instinct to survive. That primal, basic part of the brain, the limbic system sounds the alarm and then a cascade of neurologic activity follows. The fear response is based upon our memories and experiences, our learned fears from the past. However worries and anxieties are out in our future. So obviously since it helps us to survive we need it, right? We need fear as a call to action when something dangerous to our survival happens. However as FDR so succinctly stated, fear is something to be feared as well. The problem lies in too much fear. Unrelenting chronic fear is based on the possibility of danger and is derogatory to our health and wellbeing. It creates high levels of stress hormones and that creates disease. Also unrealistic fears or phobias are capable of totally controlling our lives. So what else can we learn about fear? It is based on the past and we can trigger it by worrying about the future. But right now there is no fear. If we stay in the present moment. We let go of old memories and fears from our past and stop focusing on the possibility of terrible things happening in our future. Fear disappears. In order to do this we need to change the way we think. We need to take back some of the control. Fear is an out of control emotion. If you let circumstances control you when good things happen then you will also allow fear and negativity to rule your life when things are not going well. As reasonable people we need to be living in reality. If things are really in a negative place in your life then thinking to yourself that your life is great is a delusion. However when things are going well in life and we spend our free time worrying about what might happen to change our life for the negative, that is also deluded thinking. So many business people today whether in sales or as an entrepreneur are finding their production and effectiveness declining due to fear. Fear has always been a problem in sales and many others in business people have fear evidenced as procrastination and Anxiety. Overcoming fear is simple and yet as many simple things it can be fairly complex as well. Just change the way you think, right? Oftentimes that is easier said than done When things go in a less then positive direction in my life I get into training for success…. 1. Change self talk using: Gratitude meditation self-hypnosis 2. Take control of your body/exercise to get out of fear. 3. Role model /have a vicarious experience of success. 4. Take action feel the fear and do it anyway. 5. Visualize what you want and not what you fear. By utilizing these techniques you will gain a feeling of control and soon fear will be a thing of the past.

The Common Misconceptions about Hypnosis

Many of the common misconceptions about hypnosis have originated in the minds of Hollywood writers. hypnosis and NLP are typically portrayed in a fantastic and sensationalistic manner. The idea that you are under someone else’s control is one of the most common misconceptions. Murder mystery writers love this one since it gives them a new angle for a story. This myth has been disproved over and over again but still persists. A second misconception is that the person in hypnosis is going to be talking. This is something that would typically only happen in regression hypnosis. I may ask someone for a signal such as nod of the head or movement of a finger, but in a typical hypnosis session I am the only one talking. This fact is a huge relief to most of my clients. Many of my clients expect that they will not be aware of where they are and they won’t remember what is said in hypnosis. This is also not true. In hypnosis you are aware of what is happening around you and if you wanted to you could get up and walk out of the room. Hypnosis actually increases focus. You will simply feel relaxed and comfortable. Another common misconception is that hypnosis is somehow against religion. This could not be further from the truth. Why shouldn’t we use our minds to the best of our abilities? This one is promoted by the fearful and ignorant. Finally, the misconception that if you can be hypnotized it means you are not as intelligent as those who cannot. Again a misconception. Anyone who wants to be hypnotized and has at least an average level of intelligence can be hypnotized. In my practice, I find those who are the most intelligent, educated and have the ability to focus are the easiest to hypnotize. The truth about hypnosis is that it is an altered state of mind which we all visit from time to time. It is simply a state of focused concentration most easily accessible when one is completely relaxed. The mind learns quickly in this focused state and that is why changes to feelings, behaviors and habits can take place in much less time when using hypnosis. When someone is in hypnosis they feel relaxed and comfortable. When they come back to their conscious mind after a session they typically feel relaxed and more positive and confident then they have in some time. After the session they may also notice changes in a habit, new positive healthy self talk or simply an overall feeling of well being depending on the focus of the session. They will also sleep better than they can remember sleeping in a long time.

Sales Call Reluctance and Mental Toughness

The idea of making prospecting calls can turn the toughest person to mush. Fear of the unknown is a powerful fear.  This coupled with fear of rejection and fear of failure will stop some sales people in their tracks.    What has to change?   1. Become mentally tough with increased levels of confidence. 2. Get rid of fears and procrastination. 3. Get more mental flexibility. 4. Get more behavioral flexibility, in other words if you are not getting the results you want CHANGE something. 5. Clear out limiting beliefs.   Now for those analyzers out there this may all sound hard to quantify.  So I am listing below HOW I help my clients become mentally tough.  These processes take less than an hour each to become proficient.     1. Install resource anchors by creating the ability to instantly feel more confident and strong any time and any place.   2. Mental exercises/NLP which create behavior changes in under an hour. 3. Install new behaviors using NLP and alleviate fears. 4. Change limiting beliefs using NLP and hypnosis. 5. Integrate all changes into your subconscious so that they become the new way of functioning. So let’s see, that’s 5 hours to change a major part of your mental functioning.  That’s 5 hours to make MAJOR CHANGE in your subconscious mind which will create MAJOR CHANGE in your life.  These techniques will create the mental toughness needed to thrive in this economy.

Psychology and the Stock Market

The stock market and its downward motion are at the top of the news today.   Market strategists know that when the market drops it creates a psychology of fear and results in the market dropping further and creating even more fear.    Since most Americans have their savings and retirement disappearing at record rates is it any wonder that fear runs rampant today?  The problem with all this is that at some point someone or something needs to create confidence in the markets ability to grow.  The downward momentum needs to be stopped and turned around.   The stock market is a great analogy for the human mind.  When we perceive a threat we go into the "fight or flight" response.   This response is no longer needed in the same way as it was thousands of years ago. Consistently triggering this response is not only physically unhealthy but also creates Anxiety, panic attacks and sometimes even phobic reactions.  This increase in fear, increases stress hormones.  This increase in stress hormones triggers more feelings of Anxiety and fear.  Not only that but excess cortisol actually shrinks the brain.   It becomes an unhealthy downward spiral. Most readers of this article will now be ruminating on the stock market and their brains destruction. But all is not lost.  We may not be able to control the stock markets, or the world at large.  But we can control our perception of reality.  Because it is that perception that creates our world.  Every person has a different perception of reality.  One person might see the market swings as opportunity for personal growth.  While another simply gets so freaked out that they make bad decisions and make their situation even worse. Some great ways to stop the mental spiral are:

  • Take a break from the news. Unless you are going to do something with the information watching things seem to worsen only makes you feel worse.
  • Change the way you think.  By shifting negative, fearful thoughts and consciously changing them to positive you can have a huge impact on your mind set.
  • Get perspective by feeling grateful for what you have.
  • Take some action.  Well considered action will give you heightened feelings of control.
  • Laugh more.  Take the time to read or watch something funny or inspirational. 
  • Get some exercise. It’s a great way to burn off extra cortisol and you might even lose some weight.

And remember, the only thing we can control is our perception of reality.  So choose a better way of seeing things, change your thinking and you change your life.

Goals and the Subconscious Mind

The problem with goal setting is most people don’t know how to set them in order to actually get them. Every year it is common practice to set goals on New Years. This is a long standing ritual. But it doesn’t work. Most people have given up by early February and have put those goals on the back burner to their everyday life. But does it have to be this way? The answer is an emphatic no! If the person has the proper motivation their goals can become a reality. So the question is how do you get that motivation? It comes from setting goals utilizing the combined power of the conscious and subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is arguably more important. All major inventors, business owners, and creative geniuses spend much more time in their subconscious mind then the average person. That is where their creativity and strength lie. If goals are written only in the conscious or thinking mind they are truly flat and uninspiring. Let’s face it. It is hard enough to achieve a worthwhile goal so why would someone put in all the effort for an uninspiring goal? hypnosis is the technology for connecting to the subconscious mind.