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Depression, Anxiety & Stress

Depression, anxiety, and stress can be successfully managed with hypnosis.
Depression, anxiety and stress are major problems today. These emotional conditions are intrinsically related. Stress is a major cause of anxiety and anxiety creates more stress in a life already filled with enough stressors.
Fear is the base emotion that creates these feelings. Fear of the future, fear of the unknown underlies most anxiety. The thoughts that create the anxiety are often on a subconscious level but they still produce increased levels of stress hormones which then create a cascade of negative mental and physical reactions.  Perceived problems in the future create major problems now.
Researchers have demonstrated that we have approximately 150-300 words per minute that flow through our minds creating the thoughts that then create our behaviors.  They estimate that on average 40% of these thoughts are negative and self critical. Negativity and fear create anxiety and stress. So it’s pretty obvious that if you can change the way you think you will change your life! .
Fear and anxiety stop us from taking action. The fear in essence creates more of the very things we are afraid of in life.  Hypnosis is the key to taking back control of your thoughts. By creating a new way of thinking and feeling you will begin to feel more confident and relaxed. Everything changes when you make this shift and the power is yours.
Another aspect of fear and anxiety is phobias. These are very strong reactions to a perceived threat. Phobias are irrational fears and because of this fact we don’t need them. They can be released usually by reprogramming the fear that is attached to a particular trigger. Things like fear of flying, spiders, heights, elevators are all effectively relieved through hypnotherapy and NLP.

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