5 Ways Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss


Dieting doesn’t work for permanent weight loss. Any diet works short term if the dieter sticks to the diet.   However the ability to be that self disciplined is finite. In other words a person’s self discipline and self control weakens over the course of a day. So what can you do to lose weight and then to maintain that weight loss? Obviously you will need to change in some significant ways.

hypnosis is the perfect tool to help people to lose weight and keep it off. hypnosis helps by making important changes to the dieters mind set and habits in the following five ways.

  1. It works by improving the person’s ability to eat healthy.   hypnosis will help to improve the ability to be disciplined by using the subconscious mind to change the person’s thoughts and feelings about food. The new healthier thoughts are made automatic by using hypnosis and conditioning to inundate the mind with healthy suggestions.


  1. Hypnosis will also make the person more aware of how their stomach feels, to feel full faster with less food. It helps the dieter notice the feeling of fullness and then to stop eating.   This feeling will be part of what guides this person’s behavior.


  1. It also works with the person’s emotions. To change old habits of using food for uncomfortable emotions and feelings like boredom, Anxiety and stress. Once the subconscious or feeling mind understands that giving a person the desire for food when they are not physically hungry will not help them it will only hurt.


  1. Hypnosis will help the dieter to deal more effectively with food cravings. Typically a craving is coming from the mind and not the body. Of course low blood sugar will give you a craving for food. But when the craving is not related to lack of food or low blood sugar it is coming from the minds desire or addiction to certain foods


  1. The motivation to exercise and create a more active lifestyle is also something you can develop through hypnosis. By becoming enamored with a lifestyle that includes movement and the desire for health you have a person more motivated to improve their life.


Nothing changes unless the thought’s and behaviors change. Using hypnosis works better than talk therapy and coaching for weight loss because you are actively and purposefully connecting to the subconscious mind.



Get Over the “All or Nothing” Mindset and Lose Weight Permanently

Halloween now kicks off the holiday eating season. The beginning of this “season” used to be Thanksgiving. However Halloween is now a huge retail and eating holiday as well. There are parties and baskets of candy everywhere along with Halloween cupcakes and other treats.

Holiday eating is one of the ways people throw off their ability to lose weight permanently. Everyone does it but the people who are able to shed those extra pounds think differently. They are able to realize that it’s only one day and then get right back to their normal healthy eating behavior.

The people who don’t get back to normal eating patterns have the “all or nothing” mindset. A person who has this mindset will sabotage themselves repeatedly. Let’s face it folks, if you’d just stop eating after the holiday it only takes a couple of days for the extra weight to come off. The “all or nothing” thinkers do not think logically and rationally about food. To say to oneself that because you had a couple of pieces of candy it is now OK to binge on candy and cake is not only illogical but ridiculous. This behavior in my practice is one of the key indicators of people not able to lose weight permanently.

Until a person is able to overcome that mindset they will continue to be under the control of holiday eating. Every year the average American packs on 7-10 pounds during the holidays. Most never get rid of those excess pounds and every year they add another 7-10. If you then add to the holiday list birthdays, anniversaries and vacations it is easy to see how people gain weight year after year.

The following are seven ways to change the holiday eating behavior and overcome “all or nothing” thinking:

  1. To recognize this behavior in your self is the first step to change.
  2. Use your mind better- in other words when you recognize those thoughts do something to distract yourself from thoughts of food.
  3. Journal about the emotions that you have about the holiday and food.
  4. Eat more mindfully. Sit to eat and focus on the food so that you enjoy what you are eating.  Chew your food thoroughly.
  5. Make sure to get some exercise so that you can burn off what you’ve eaten and feel more in control.
  6. Let go of the guilt and realize that if you get back to normal eating your weight will drop.
  7. Get rid of leftovers. This includes the Halloween candy too.

Hypnosis for Behavior Change and Weight Loss

The average diet lasts 72 hours.   hypnosis and behavior modification can make weight loss permanent. Obviously the habits and behaviors with food need to change if any weight loss is to become a part of your life. My clients are typically those people who want to lose between 20 and 150 lbs.

All behavior comes from thought. Using hypnosis I assist my clients in changing certain aspects of their thinking and by changing the thoughts about food you change the behavior.

Emotional eating is a major reason why people gain excess weight. It may have started with holiday eating and then just become a habit. However, oftentimes uncomfortable emotions have been a trigger to eat since childhood. Changing your desire to eat emotionally may sound overwhelming. However using hypnotherapy makes it simpler and the process much smoother. hypnosis makes you more self aware. Becoming more aware of how you think and realizing what those thoughts are doing to your behavior allows you to gain a level of control over your eating behavior.

Working with those that eat emotionally we go through a process of discovering the emotional reasons and then help the client to find a better response to the emotion. Using food because of an emotion is never appropriate. Once the person has used food to resolve an emotion it will quickly become habitual. This ability of the mind to make behaviors habitual or automatic can be useful however it can also create negative automatic behaviors.

Once we have created a shift in emotional eating the rest of weight loss sessions are to create and reinforce healthy eating. We use hypnosis to increase motivation and self discipline as well. As soon as a person feels their self discipline increasing and feels better about them self they will naturally make better choices and begin to lose excess weight.

Lose Weight Permanently

Symbolically the New Year is a time of new beginnings and so the perfect time to start a new habit or behavior. As a hypnotherapist, this is the time of year that I receive the most calls from new clients. One of the most popular behaviors to change is eating behavior. I use hypnosis to help my clients change their eating behavior and lose weight. I also work with some common eating disorders, like binge eating and anorexia.
With my weight loss programs we work to make the changes permanent. Losing weight is actually not that hard. The hard part is to change the underlying cause of the unhealthy eating and to make those changes become part of a healthy lifestyle. If a person doesn’t change their behavior permanently they will regain the weight.
People have been conditioned to eat too much. Last night we went out to eat. We had a glass of wine each and 2 large sushi rolls. For desert we split a Crème Brule. The couple next to us had appetizers and an entrée. I didn’t wait around to see if they had dessert too. The sheer quantity of the servings in restaurants is over the top. Every time I think they can’t make the portions bigger or fattier they do.
I help my clients to feel full faster and too listen to the signals there body is giving them. Eating is part of life. That doesn’t mean it’s the only enjoyable part of life. There has to be more. It’s important to find other ways to experience pleasure. Getting outside and moving around more, it doesn’t need to be “exercise” just movement. Play with your children or pets or go for a walk in nature. It all counts. By making these changes you will be able to have a normal relationship with food and enjoy other aspects of life as well.
You can’t think of weight loss as a diet, because a diet has a beginning and an ending. This is what most people do and when they reach the end they go right back to old behaviors. My program is different because with hypnosis we help the person to change their thoughts and feelings about food and since all behavior comes from thought their behavior around food changes too. By changing behaviors you create permanent weight loss and even more important you bring increased health and well being into your life.


Stress Management using Hypnosis

According to the American Medical Association approximately 80% of the patients who visit an internal medicine doctor are there due to the long term effects of stress. Long term chronic stress or a person’s perception of the stress causes a great deal of physical damage and is underlying almost all disease. Symptoms like headaches, back pain, stomach problems, rapid heart rate, fatigue, nervous habits, cognitive problems and the list goes on and on.

Stress is a normal physical response to an event or problem that makes you feel threatened or overwhelmed. Our nervous system is sensitive to danger in order to keep us safe. But the same system that helps us avoid physical danger can be the system that creates long term chronic stress and damages our mind and body.

When the fight or flight response kicks in we are sent into a focused, energetic and alert state. This state can help you to meet challenges, make you sharp when doing presentations, help you to react quickly in an accident or other dangerous situation. However the problems arise when we stay in this state too much or when every little thing that goes wrong sends us into hyper drive. When adrenaline and cortisol are released constantly the damage it does to the body is extreme. Over time it will damage and inflame every system of your body and this includes the brain. Things like memory problems, the inability to concentrate, seeing only the negative and constant poor judgment are directly related to chronic or high levels of stress.

To break this pattern, it is important to take back some control. Using hypnosis to calm the central nervous system is the first step I take with my clients. Then we work to change their thinking regarding the stressors in their life. Alleviating negative habits like procrastination, too much alcohol, improving sleep and connecting more to others will make a big impact on the perception of stress. Also to be able to self-soothe is incredibly important to the reduction of stress.

You have more control then you might think. The simple realization that you are in control of your life is the foundation of stress management. So do something that makes you feel in control and you will feel your sense of well-being grow.