Stop Procrastinating in 5 Simple Steps

Procrastination can ruin your life. This is a behavior that can snowball out of control and affect every aspect of your life. Whether you procrastinate about working out or eating right or something like doing your homework or completing a presentation at the office, in all cases this is a very damaging habit.
Many people start procrastinating in school. They put off doing their papers or push off studying for a test until it is just a day away. This is very demoralizing and creates massive amounts of stress and decreases that person’s true potential. How much better could that paper have been if they had more time to do research or edit? These people will say they do better work when they are pushed to do it under pressure. Actually that is not true. What they mean is they feel that the work is good enough and the pressure is what motivates them. But deep inside they know they could have done better. There is a great deal of guilt/ regret and fear associated with procrastination. These are very damaging emotions.
Perfectionism is also associated with procrastination. When a person desires perfection they push off taking action until they believe they are ready or have enough information to “do it right”. Perfectionism is also a fear based behavior.
So where does it begin?? Well of course it begins in your mind with thought. This flood of thoughts triggers feeling which then triggers behavior. In the case of procrastination, thinking about doing something is what stops you from taking action. How to get around this behavior can be simple and yet difficult. All you need is to take an action toward the goal or task. Obviously, that is harder for many thenit sounds. Using the following 5 steps will allow you to simplify the process:
1. Stop thinking about it. This will take some self discipline. Get up and do something –anything is better than ruminating.
2. Get rid of the word “try”. The word “try” presupposes failure. Get rid of the word and the behavior will follow.
3. Know the result you want. Have a specific outcome or goal. By knowing what you want you take away the need to think.
4. Break the goal or task into small steps and take action. Just a small action at first. Small steps lead to great success.
5. There is no failure there is only feedback. Whatever information you gain from taking those smalls steps will help you to adjust and continue forward having learned from your mistakes.
By following these easy steps you will feel more productive and motivated. When you accomplish the tasks you have been putting off you gain increased self esteem and self discipline. So what are you waiting for-just begin!

5 Steps to Achieving New Year’s Goals

The New Year is a time to set goals. Every year people set goals that they forget or lose track of by February.   Whether it’s because they become too busy, the goal wasn’t that important to them in the first place or perhaps they just didn’t write the goal effectively. So how do you stay on track with a goal?

  1. It’s important to have a well written goal. To know specifically what it is that you want. SMART goals are a great way to have a well written goal.  Write them so they are:


  1. Once you have a well written goal you will need to have a strong emotional desire to achieving the goal. If the goal is not something that has a strong emotional component you are less likely to achieve it. Close your eyes and visualize having your goal and see what emotions it stirs within you.
  1. Make sure you only have 1 or 2 major goals at a time. Any more than this and you will have too many goals to focus on and none of them will get done. A major goal like losing 40 pounds will affect many aspects of your life.
  1. Create an action plan in writing to accomplish the goal. Once you have the goal you need a plan or road map to get you there. By creating a plan you will automatically find the obstacles in your path and be able to prepare for them. By writing long hand you also engage Broca’s Area- a part of the brain that when engaged helps the person to connect powerfully to what they have written in a way that is not stimulated by typing on a computer.
  1. Get the resources necessary to achieve the goal. Resources could be something tangible like money or setting aside time. Resources can also be improving confidence or developing a more positive attitude.

Writing a goal by using these 5 steps will make you more likely to achieve your goals. As in most aspects of life, it is a process. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Perfection is unattainable.  By improving each and every year you will achieve more of your goals.





Get More Mind Power!

Any of you who have heard me speak, know that the functioning of the human mind is a subject about which I am passionate. My interest began in childhood. I noticed that many people said things that were not congruent with the actions they took. In other words they didn’t “walk their talk”. These people, in most cases, were not conscious of the disconnect between their words and their actions. Their core beliefs are what formed their actions and could not be overcome simply by them wanting to be different. So how does this happen?
To understand behavior its important to understand how the behavior is formed. We all have a conscious and a subconscious mind. The conscious mind is where all linear analytical thought takes place and the subconscious mind is where all emotions, memories, daydreams, reactions, habits and patterns, images and pictures and the autonomic nervous system function. Fully 88% of the mind is “subconscious”. The average person spends 50-80 percent of their waking day in their subconscious mind. Your memories and experiences in your past are what create who you are today. To change who you are its important to let go of the past which has essentially programmed you to behave in a certain way.
All behavioral change takes place at the subconscious level. So in order to change a behavior, your thinking about yourself must change first.  This is the premise behind “The Secret” and all kinds of “law of attraction” writings.  When you focus on what you want,  you draw more to you.  In other words you become what you think about the most.  The more positive changes that happen from these new thoughts the more they are reinforced in your subconscious mind.
Self hypnosis is a great way to get more positive thoughts and therefore more positive behaviors.  When in hypnosis the positive thought, suggestions or affirmations go into the mind at a deeper level.  It is this ability to get the thoughts into the subconscious which makes hypnosis and self hypnosis so powerful.
When you use your mind in this way, the new thoughts and or behaviors become automatic.   This is “mind power”.


Failure is Just Feedback

People fear failure.  This fear causes them to not even attempt certain things because they are afraid they will fail.  Fearing failure is ironic because by fearing to take action you virtually guarantee failure.

People are born with only two fears.  Fear of loud noises and falling all the others are taught and learned.  Some of this fear came from parents, siblings, teachers and friends.  They shared with you their fears their limitations and you accepted them.   In accepting them you taught yourself to fear taking certain actions and this created failure.

But realize that all experiences are simply learning experiences. All failure is feedback.  From each attempt or failure you will receive distinctions and these distinctions will enable you to be better at whatever you do next time.

The biggest successes have also been the people who failed the most.  Henry Ford went broke 5 times before he became the success we know today.  Walt Disney was fired on one of his first jobs for not being very creative,  Steven Spielberg was not able to get into the UCLA film school.  Fred Astaire was described as only able to “dance a little”.  Harrison Ford was told he would never make it as an actor.

These are just a few examples and there are hundreds more.  In order to succeed you must first fail.  So how do you overcome this fear?

  1. First let go of the idea that making a mistake is bad.  Realize greatness comes from risk.
  2. Start small and build your ability to overcome fear.  The more you risk in small ways and aren’t destroyed the easier it will be to move onto more consequential actions.
  3. Remember why you wanted to do something in the first place.  For example many athletes fear failure because they no longer focus on the fun of the game and instead obsess about winning and losing.

Using your mind more effectively can make all the difference between success and failure.  Remember failure is just feedback and allow that fact to move you past your fears and closer to true success.


Goals and “The Secret”

In this season of reassessment, looking back over the year as to what we have accomplished and what we would like to achieve in the next year, I am reminded of “The Secret.”  The book and movie was a huge hit back in 2006 and even though some of its participants have been discredited, much in this concept is valuable.  The idea that what we think about we will get more of is behind “The Secret”.   It’s called the Law of Attraction. I use this same premise with all my hypnosis, NLP and coaching clients.

This idea can be seen in most successes and failures.  Have you ever gotten up in the morning and something goes wrong and then the whole day just seems to get worse? This happens because your negative attitude, your belief that this day will go badly, causes you to make bad choices and decisions which can create a really bad day.  This also applies on the good days by using a positive focus and a goal which you can clearly see and imagine you will inevitably have a great day.

How can the Law of Attraction be used most effectively when you commit to a goal for the coming year?  First of all the goal needs to be SMART.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, stop smoking, improve sales or sports performance, develop better relationships or get rid of Anxiety or another life limiting disorder; all these goals need a way to make it clear to your subconscious or feeling mind.

Using the SMART goal template, we make the goals: specific, measurable, achievable and realistic with a time frame in mind.  I also add to this list inspired, because the feeling, emotional aspect will make the motivation stronger to reach the goal.

Now the most important part is which goals to go for.  It is vital that you don’t commit to too many goals at the same time.  Generally 1 or two major goals are all that is realistic to accomplish.  Once you have your SMARTI goals written, then using the Law of Attraction focus your mind on those goals daily.  Post them in your house, on your planner, in your office as reminders. Using self hypnosis you can use a process of visualization, seeing the goal as you want it to be.  The more you can see and imagine having the goal the more it will be drawn to you.