NLP for a Change

Many people are confused by NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).  They either don’t understand what it is or they don’t know how it’s used or the kind of changes that can be made. The term itself, Neuro Linguistic Programming offers a few clues.  Neuro – it involves our thinking, Linguistic – our use of language and Programming – our strategies for getting our outcomes.

NLP was originally developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. By modeling the language and behavior of excellent therapists they discovered how to use language in such a way that it can create inner change more quickly.

In order to help you to understand how powerful these principles and techniques can be the following is one of my experiences with NLP.

I lived in northern California for many years and every spring I would go to Yosemite National Park with a group of friends.  One year we hiked up Half Dome- a mountain with a large granite dome at the top which in order to summit, you pull yourself up the dome with the help of metal cables.  This was the first time I realized exactly how powerful a phobic response can be.  Yes, I knew I had a fear of heights but typically it didn’t bother me when hiking.  This mountain however, since the scale was extreme, took my experience to a whole different level.  The moment I attempted the last part of that hike I felt an extreme fear reaction.  Not only did I begin to shake all over but my breathing accelerated, my vision became blurred, and my legs would not hold me up.  Needless to say, I didn’t continue to the top.

Before we went back the following year I found a hypnotherapist who was a Master practitioner of NLP, and asked for his help.  We used some hypnosis but we also did two very powerful NLP techniques which seemed to make all the difference.  Not only did I make it up the mountain that next trip but I made it to the top feeling completely confident and fearless. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

So when we use NLP for specific issues you can make incredible progress towards goals that may have eluded you in the past.  Change can be difficult but with NLP change can be accomplished much more smoothly, easily and permanently.



Cold Calling for Recruiters and Entrepreneurs

Executive search, recruiting, headhunting – no matter what you call it, it is one of the most difficult and lucrative types of selling careers. The difficulty level of this type of selling increases dramatically when the recruiter or sales person decides to go into practice for themselves. I know this struggle personally because my first business was as a recruiter placing hospital directors and vice presidents.

I left a good job in a large executive search firm due to a long commute and decided to start my own business. What I hadn’t taken into account was how different it would feel to be an entrepreneur as opposed to an employee. For many making cold calls without the support of a manager or team can seem overwhelming. However making prospecting or cold calls is still a vital part of the sales process. In a sole practitioner situation it can be the most challenging aspect of sales performance.

When you become an entrepreneur you have a new set of concerns and this creates obstacles to peak performance.

  1. No salary- This one can bring up all kinds of obstacles and fears. When I started my business back in the 80’s I had a savings cushion which I ran through fairly quickly. When you have no salary or base income the worries can take over your mind and detract from your ability to make calls.
  1. Providing structure in your day.  When you are used to working in a structured corporate environment, the loss of that structure will create problems. At first you will probably feel more freedom. Freedom is great but it comes with a fairly large price tag. It’s amazing how quickly you can lose track of time when doing busy work. With the use of the internet in executive search the possibilities for wasting time are endless. Setting aside specific time frames to make the calls is key.
  1. Developing motivation daily. Without the sales meetings and motivation of a boss looking over your shoulder. It’s easy to rationalize and excuse skipping calls to do other tasks.
  1. Overcoming fears. Fear of failure, success, and rejection are three of the most common types of fears for entrepreneurs.
  1. Moving between tasks when you don’t like certain types of tasks. For instance for many who are really good at connecting with people these types of people may be less than thrilled with doing administrative tasks.

I work on all of these issues and more with the recruiters and entrepreneurs who are my clients. hypnosis helped me and it is a very effective results oriented way to change habits, behaviors and overcome fears.

Keeping a Positive Mindset as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be very difficult. There have been numerous stories recently detailing the downside of entrepreneurship.  So how can we avoid the pitfalls and negative mindset that affects many entrepreneurs?

Keep Balanced

This one is difficult. Obviously you are going to be putting a huge amount of effort into making your business succeed.  In the case of a start-up that effort can also involve a large investment of money.  Balance needs to be achieved, not a balance of time but instead a balance of mind.  Yes, you will be spending most of your time on the business but good health will determine how long you can maintain that focus.  Exercise and healthy eating doesn’t take a large chunk out the day but the rewards are great.  You will feel better, be more focused and have a better more positive mindset by maintaining balance.

Keep your Identity

Often when someone becomes obsessed with a goal as in the case with a start-up, that person’s identity becomes confused with the business identity.  If you in effect become the business and the business fails that is a devastating blow to your identity.

Avoid Isolation

Isolation invites depression.  Many solopreneurs work in a room by themselves.  This is a sure fire way to become depressed.  Add that to someone who already has issues with Anxiety or depression and it just makes matters worse.  Also worth noting is the fact that most entrepreneurs share certain character traits. Someone who is motivated, enthusiastic and creative can also be more likely to have other strong states.   States like depression, hopelessness, lack of motivation and even suicidal thoughts.

Limit Investment

Don’t let the entrepreneurs blind spot allow you to invest everything you have in your company.  By setting a monetary limit and sticking to it you will keep your stress to a tolerable level.

Let Go of Failure

It’s OK to fail because that is how you will eventually succeed.  You will learn from the experience and the distinctions from that will allow you to make better decisions and choices next time.  By reframing failure as feedback you take off some of the pressure and learn more in the process.

The more you are able to be open with those around you and admit how you feel and how things are going the less stressed you will become.  It takes a huge amount of energy to live a lie.  Be honest and open with yourself and others and the process of starting up a business will feel more in your control.

What is Happiness?

Plato, Aristotle and even Freud studied happiness.  The Dali Lama has written a book on the subject.  Everyone wants it but how do we know if we have it?  If the purpose of life is in fact the pursuit of happiness as many philosophers, psychologists and behavioral specialists agree then why is it so hard to define?

Happiness is a word that is used to define an experience.  There lies part of the problem since no two people will have exactly the same experience of an event.  No two experiences are alike since no two people are alike.   Is being happy about how your life is going right now the same as feeling happy while watching kittens play? Or when you tell someone you are happy for them, are you actually feeling happiness?  Maybe or maybe not.

For myself I have found happiness in many different ways.  When I began studying hypnosis and meditation I found an increased ability to have more positive feelings.  It became easier to push away self doubt and fear and move forward.  I find these techniques to be instrumental in helping my clients find more happiness however they define it.

I have been working with a recent client to lose weight.  She has lost about 55 lbs in the last 7 months.  When we discuss her experience she tells me that she likes the hypnosis not because I make her eat differently.  It helps her  because the suggestions I give her in the hypnosis process  make her feel happy and when she feels happy she doesn’t feel like eating too much or stuffing herself with carbs.  She just feels good and no longer needs to eat to feel better.  In her case happiness is the cause and not the result of losing weight.

For some being happy might be having financial freedom, to someone else it might mean having a loving relationship or helping others.  Until you know what it is for you it may be impossible to define the word itself

I have many clients who have the if-then disease.  They tell me that if they can lose 50 pounds or get a new job then they will be happy.  The problem is that even when they get the thing they think will make them happy it doesn’t. Happiness needs to come from within whether the feeling is triggered by hypnosis, a great workout, the perfect relationship or playing with your pet.

So instead of defining it perhaps the take away is to simply find your way to experience the feeling more.  Experience happiness in as many ways as you can and you will be happy.


Fear and Hypnosis

I have had many fears, phobias and anxieties in my life.  I used hypnosis to get rid of all of my fears.  My mother started the process of installing fear by telling me “you could be killed” every time I wanted to learn a new physical activity.  Because of this early training I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 33.  I also had a strong fear, probably a phobia to public speaking.  A phobia to heights and many other things like social Anxiety and general discomfort around crowds.  I was a worrier, constantly worrying about what could happen.

Hypnosis helped to open many doors in my life.  All the things I used to be afraid to do or felt incapable of doing were suddenly options.  What could you accomplish if you were no longer unreasonably fearful?  I now give speeches as part of my business.  I have rock climbed and mountain climbed. I have mountain biked all over Northern California.  But most important the daily Anxiety and worry is now under my control.

Fear is a fact of life.  We are born with two fears.  Fear of loud noises and fear of falling.  All the others have been taught to us or absorbed by us through our parents, siblings, teachers or negative experiences.  Of course some fear is healthy, these fears help us to survive and are actually called instinctual fears.  You can’t hypnotize away an instinct but you can get rid of other kinds of Anxiety, phobias and fears.

Fear that stops you from taking action.  Fear that stops you from being the best you can be.  Fear that causes physical damage to your body.  These are all fears that can be alleviated.

It all starts in the mind.  Your thoughts are what creates the fear that you feel.  Using hypnosis you can shift your thinking.  You can develop self confidence and change the worry habit into something that actually helps you.  You can get rid of phobias and you will be able to do the things you didn’t believe you were capable of doing.  Hypnosis can set you free.

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