Goals to Create a Life that Matters

In order to be more successful in life and create change it’s important to use the power of your subconscious mind.  By using your subconscious to break through old patterns and obstacles you will speed up the process.  You actually can change in an instant by making a decision to change. But so few actually decide without outside help and support.  The fact is that the choices we make in life create who we become.

Many people tend to choose the easy way at all costs.  They somehow feel entitled to whatever they want and feel angry when they don’t get it easily. But in fact getting something easily decreases the enjoyment you will get from the achievement. If everything you attempt is accomplished easily you will perceive these accomplishments are of little value. This is why giving children what they want without reasonable effort creates entitled and unhappy adults.

Albert Einstein once said “Hard is good, easy is bad”. He was making the point that when we work hard to do something it makes us grow. We don’t grow by being complacent and taking the easy way out. Bill Gates has been quoted as saying “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose”. This is another example of a great thinker making the point that to succeed doesn’t help you to succeed in the future. The failures we experience are the impetus for change and improvement and that constant improvement creates more success.

When writing your goals the following three points are important to keep in mind;

  1. Decide what you want in specific terms.
  2. Make the goal a definite stretch-remember if it isn’t hard enough you will perceive it as having less value.
  3. Develop the resources you need to accomplish the goal. Whether you need help from a professional to make it happen or to develop your skills further.

Once you have achieved your goal then continue onward. Step it up a notch and develop a new goal for yourself. Don’t let fear stop you. Life is short and this moment is all we really have. Live a life that matters by having goals that matter.





Just Listen

One of the most overlooked skills in life is listening. In order to learn you need to listen. In order to understand you need to listen. In order to give information you need to listen so you know what needs to be shared.
Listening for sales people and entrepreneurs helps them to gain credibility. Trust and honesty need to be developed to sell well and most in sales don’t listen well enough to develop those valued connections. By listening you develop rapport and that connection is so important to selling.
If you’re not listening when others speak, why should they listen to you? Listening is an active skill. It is reciprocal. You listen because you’re interested and that makes others feel important.  A curious state of mind will help you to really become absorbed in listening.
They say that Jackie Kennedy was charming but what they really meant was she was an excellent listener. She wasn’t looking for someone else to talk to, she was focused on the person she was conversing with and she didn’t let her eyes wander around the room. She maintained a good level of eye contact. She listened to their remarks and responded with intelligent questions. By asking questions that were relevant she created rapport. In other words the person she talked to felt heard and understood and that made her seem charming.
Asking relevant questions will convey the message that you are listening and this develops rapport. Sales people and entrepreneurs who develop this skill will be more successful in their business as well as in the rest of their life. Relationships, work, study and sales all improve through excellent listening skills.
By developing listening skills your life will open up in many amazing ways.  Who knows, perhaps you may someday be thought of as charming.

Cold Calling for Recruiters and Entrepreneurs

Executive search, recruiting, headhunting – no matter what you call it, it is one of the most difficult and lucrative types of selling careers. The difficulty level of this type of selling increases dramatically when the recruiter or sales person decides to go into practice for themselves. I know this struggle personally because my first business was as a recruiter placing hospital directors and vice presidents.

I left a good job in a large executive search firm due to a long commute and decided to start my own business. What I hadn’t taken into account was how different it would feel to be an entrepreneur as opposed to an employee. For many making cold calls without the support of a manager or team can seem overwhelming. However making prospecting or cold calls is still a vital part of the sales process. In a sole practitioner situation it can be the most challenging aspect of sales performance.

When you become an entrepreneur you have a new set of concerns and this creates obstacles to peak performance.

  1. No salary- This one can bring up all kinds of obstacles and fears. When I started my business back in the 80’s I had a savings cushion which I ran through fairly quickly. When you have no salary or base income the worries can take over your mind and detract from your ability to make calls.
  1. Providing structure in your day.  When you are used to working in a structured corporate environment, the loss of that structure will create problems. At first you will probably feel more freedom. Freedom is great but it comes with a fairly large price tag. It’s amazing how quickly you can lose track of time when doing busy work. With the use of the internet in executive search the possibilities for wasting time are endless. Setting aside specific time frames to make the calls is key.
  1. Developing motivation daily. Without the sales meetings and motivation of a boss looking over your shoulder. It’s easy to rationalize and excuse skipping calls to do other tasks.
  1. Overcoming fears. Fear of failure, success, and rejection are three of the most common types of fears for entrepreneurs.
  1. Moving between tasks when you don’t like certain types of tasks. For instance for many who are really good at connecting with people these types of people may be less than thrilled with doing administrative tasks.

I work on all of these issues and more with the recruiters and entrepreneurs who are my clients. hypnosis helped me and it is a very effective results oriented way to change habits, behaviors and overcome fears.

5 Steps to Achieving New Year’s Goals

The New Year is a time to set goals. Every year people set goals that they forget or lose track of by February.   Whether it’s because they become too busy, the goal wasn’t that important to them in the first place or perhaps they just didn’t write the goal effectively. So how do you stay on track with a goal?

  1. It’s important to have a well written goal. To know specifically what it is that you want. SMART goals are a great way to have a well written goal.  Write them so they are:


  1. Once you have a well written goal you will need to have a strong emotional desire to achieving the goal. If the goal is not something that has a strong emotional component you are less likely to achieve it. Close your eyes and visualize having your goal and see what emotions it stirs within you.
  1. Make sure you only have 1 or 2 major goals at a time. Any more than this and you will have too many goals to focus on and none of them will get done. A major goal like losing 40 pounds will affect many aspects of your life.
  1. Create an action plan in writing to accomplish the goal. Once you have the goal you need a plan or road map to get you there. By creating a plan you will automatically find the obstacles in your path and be able to prepare for them. By writing long hand you also engage Broca’s Area- a part of the brain that when engaged helps the person to connect powerfully to what they have written in a way that is not stimulated by typing on a computer.
  1. Get the resources necessary to achieve the goal. Resources could be something tangible like money or setting aside time. Resources can also be improving confidence or developing a more positive attitude.

Writing a goal by using these 5 steps will make you more likely to achieve your goals. As in most aspects of life, it is a process. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Perfection is unattainable.  By improving each and every year you will achieve more of your goals.





The Entrepreneurial Selling Mind

There is a huge difference between working for a corporation in a sales position and selling as an entrepreneur. That difference is about attitude toward money and the ability to discipline and hold one’s self accountable.
In my business working with sales people as a coach and hypnotherapist, I see many issues in the entrepreneurial mindset. Many behave as if being in their own business means no structure and unlimited freedom from time constraints. Actually it is the opposite. Others so compulsively focus on money worries that they are paralyzed and can’t take action. This is a business killer. There is also the issue of making the big sale and then wanting to take a month off due to lack of motivation. Money attitude needs to be adjusted in most people in order to be effective at the entrepreneurial lifestyle. It is difficult to be all things in a business. The E-Myth speaks to this problem as do many other books on productivity.
I have noticed these problems with real estate agents, recruiters, multi level marketing, and any other type of entrepreneur where you are the solo or nearly solo practitioner in your business. Whether you call it attitude, emotional intelligence or mindset it all means the same thing. Without appropriate division of mental labor the entrepreneur will not succeed. They tend to do the things they consider urgent and those things are usually urgent because they didn’t attend to important items in a timely manner. They are constantly stressed and running from one thing to the next. Their mind is filled with negative thoughts and problems.
Steven Covey talks about this behavior in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you want to be an entrepreneur you need to be a highly effective person. You have to establish some success habits that will automatically cause you to do the important tasks in your business. Creating automatic behaviors or habits can be done consciously and will take some time and discipline. Using hypnosis accelerates the process.
Negative attitudes and feelings about money on the other hand are a more deep seated problem that will not be changed in the conscious mind. This could be due to growing up with an attitude of “lack”, or a problem with delaying gratification. Often times, those that never expected to make an income beyond the level needed to survive, have issues with self worth. These types of feelings can be changed using hypnosis.
By changing their attitudes and feelings toward money and creating some strong positive thought and behavior habits, the entrepreneur will become more effective. Better still their feelings will align with the reality of their chosen career.