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“I’ve been doing this therapy for six sessions so far, and I can already see a major improvement in my health.  I no longer have anxiety or pain associated with IBS.  I can relax easily while falling into a deeper sleep at night and am so thrilled at my rapid progress.  I have learned to numb my hand and am able to transfer the numbness elsewhere in my body when I have pain.  My IBS is improving and I’m more confident in myself because I am feeling better.  I am very satisfied with my progress thus far and can’t wait to see how my health will continue to improve in the future.  Thank you for all your help!!”

-Katie, Duluth, GA

“I walked in Inga’s office hysterical – I was shaking, crying and almost left.  I wanted to quit smoking but felt like I was losing my best friend of 22 years and I was scared.  I was skeptical; certain she wouldn’t be able to calm me enough to hypnotize me, let alone it have any effect on me.  I was wrong.  After my first session, will power kept me from smoking. I took the CD of our session home and listened before bed and again the next morning.  I can’t say that I felt it immediately, but soon after our second session the next day, I was calling myself a non-smoker and actually believed it.  It was happening and it was happening easily.  No longer was it difficult for me to not smoke and best of all I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.  So very thankful that I found Inga; with her help, my life has forever been changed.”

Sara Sillay, Atlanta

Sharing my experience…

Last night I went to dinner at Longhorn, I ordered a Med prepared 8oz steak and backed sweet potato and salad. As an appetizer my friend ordered my all time favorite fried onion peels. I “never” turn these things down. The order came and I had absolutely no desire eat any of them. I took 2 to be polite but they had no flavor. I ended up having the server take them back. It was amazing. Then last night came. I listened to my CD and feel asleep. Unfortunately I work up in the middle of the night, which is my prime food binge, snack time. But amazingly enough, I had no desire to snack. I went to the frig for a drink of water and went back to bed. So yet another success experience, no desire to snack or binge or eat anything for that matter. I couldn’t BELIEVE it. These encounters actually bring tears to my eyes. For so many years I have struggled with snacking, bingeing and chronic dieting. For the first time in my life I feel in control of my food instead of it being in control of me. Thank you Ms. Chamberlain for your work, your passion, and your patience. It truly makes a difference.  I can only imagine what’s to come in my next 5 sessions with you.                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dawn, Atlanta, GA

TREMENDOUS THANKS for your life changing seminar. Thank you for letting me participate. I’ve been experiencing heightened drive, focus, and passion for my life and my life’s work since. I cannot thank you enough for putting together what surely is your labor of love. It was inspiring to learn more about both of you, and I look forward to working together and also bringing new people to you for many years to come.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Katie R. Atlanta, GA

After a 20 year plus fear of swimming bought on by a drowning incident, I really never believed I’d be able to swim again and certainly wouldn’t have considered training for a half Ironman.   Inga however in just 5 short sessions has transformed my swimming experience from that of a stressful 50yds and needing to stop due to hyperventilating and exhaustion to one of being able to complete a relaxed continuous 2500yds with no feelings of anxiety, tension or exhaustion. I really cannot recommend Inga highly enough…….. but then I do recommend her to everybody I talk to as a miracle machine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Justin, Atl

I’m a 24 year old aspiring model, designer, and stylist. I also write. I am so blessed to have you as a part of my life. Things were going downhill fast, but I had enough strength and smarts to seek help. I searched hypnosis and there you were. Just listening to your voice and hearing your words has helped transform my way of thinking almost overnight. I am becoming a more well rounded individual. I’m becoming able to see exactly what I want and go for it without fear. I’m learning how to forgive, how to be more self-aware, and patient. My old methods never worked for me or anyone else. I’m so glad for this alternative. I want to become sincere and straight forward with people. I want to show my friends how much I value them and lose the insecurities and fears that held me back in the past. I tend to push people who care about me away. I used to blame my problems on others and now I’m learning to take full responsibility. I always feared embarrassment and thought that image was everything. I worry about what other people think and I know that holds me back from achieving my most sought after goals. I’m ready to let all of that go and become more confident and just do it like NIKE :). Again, thank you so much. I pray that I stay focused and stick to the lessons that you teach. I want to be more consistent and stop procrastinating as well. I know I have the power to do it. I know I can make this happen. Life is good. Be blessed and I hope this email reaches you in good health.                                  KJ,  Atlanta

I am a 63-year-old woman, and I’ve had a terrible weight problem for many years. I’ve tried almost every weight loss program out there, including a year’s worth of shots and oral appetite suppressants on my doctor’s weight loss program, and spent untold thousands of dollars in the frustrating, exasperating process.

A few months ago, I had the amazing good fortune to discover  Inga Chamberlain as I was researching surgical procedures for weight loss. Now, thanks to my weekly hypnosis sessions with Inga, my whole outlook has changed and I’m seeing wonderful progress — shedding pounds that the drugs and shots couldn’t budge. I no longer feel compelled to consider allowing what amounts to butchery on my body to get to my weight-loss goal.

There aren’t words powerful enough to convey how blessed I feel to have found Inga. Not only has she made working toward my weight goal virtually painless — both emotionally and physically — but she is also helping me with lifelong issues that have impacted my well-being in a multitude of ways.

Thank you, Inga, for changing my life!

 L.E. Marsh, Atlanta GA        

Sales performance in a sensitive economy is always a challenge. Even more when double digit sales increases over prior year are expected in the workplace benefits sales business. Putting it mildly, the environment is not always accommodating.  Inga addressed how to effect positive change in a negative environment to my territorial team of sales managers.  The points she made and techniques she recommended will be put into practice immediately.

Working with and dealing with negative people in tough times is difficult enough. Initial reaction to the afternoon program ranged from increased confidence to positive astonishment with each participant knowing that negative people and situations can be managed by watching, listening, developing and applying her techniques.  It is all about a choice to be positive; each day, every day.

Richard Sutter ,Vice President,  Allstate Workplace Division

I first contacted Inga because I am in sales and had developed a serious problem around making sales calls. 100% of my sales come from telephone contact, and it had gotten so bad that I was only making a few calls a day! My boss expects me to make a minimum of 30 calls per day, so you can see how far off I was. Before making a call, I dreaded it, worried about it, procrastinated about it, imagined the worst possible outcome, and basically worked myself into such a bad state, that I was of no use on the 3 -4 calls I did manage to make per day. My sales dropped off dramatically and consequently my job was on the line. I was warned that if things did not improve, I would be fired.

Even after being told that by my boss, and KNOWING I could lose my job in this economy, I STILL procrastinated. That’s when I contacted Inga. I purchased 5 sessions from Inga, and things actually started improving after my first session with her. Each session brought incremental improvements. It was a gradual improvement, and what I liked most about it is that it felt completely natural. She didn’t give me any exercises to do, or mantras to chant. I just sat through a session with her, and BAM! I got results. She does supply you with a recording of each session, that you can listen to for reinforcement, but honestly, I only listened to each CD a couple of times.

I can truly say that if it wasn’t for Inga, I would be unemployed right now. She literally saved my job for me! Get this – Now that I’m making the calls I need to make without procrastinating, anxiety, or dread, my next goal is to learn how to get excited about making cold calls, and to actually look forward to doing it! That is a FAR cry from where I started, but I know Inga can help me get there.

Give yourself a gift and schedule your first session with Inga as soon as you can. Oh, and feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

K.K. Woodstock, GA
Highly recommended for weight loss and stopping smoking
I went to Inga Chamberlain initially to stop smoking. It was so much easier then I expected that I decided to use her services to lose the 30 extra pounds I have been trying to lose. She didn’t use a “diet”. Instead she wanted me to eat healthy foods and helped me to feel more motivated to exercise. Next we worked on the way I felt about food and the reasons that I would overeat. I learned that most of the time I wasn’t really physically hungry. I was eating for emotional reasons. In my case stress and boredom are the big triggers. I have now lost over 25 lbs and I know that I will be able to keep the weight off this time because I feel differently about food. Inga also helped me to create some new habits and ways of coping with stress and boredom so that I’m not driven to eat when I’m not really hungry. For the first time in my life I feel like I think more like a thin person. It has been a real journey and I feel like I’ve become a better person through the process. I highly recommend Inga to anyone who has a hard time losing weight.
tranceic – Atlanta, GA
Great for life change!
I went to see Inga Chamberlain to lose 60 pounds that I have been struggling with for years. I lost 7 pounds the first week and never looked back. Her techniques, using hypnosis and NLP were incredibly powerful. I totally stopped eating fatty food and felt full after only small amounts of food. Each week we add some more mental tools so that I soon will think like a thin person thinks. We have also worked on my level of confidence in my business. I have to sell my service and I have never been into sales till I opened my own business. It is incredible how your thoughts can change and it can be easy!!
I highly recommend Inga Chamberlain to anyone who is unhappy with some part of their life!!
Bruno – Atlanta, GA
The greatest
Several months ago I had the opportunity to work with Inga Chamberlain. I’ve spent most of my life dieting and was tired of always gaining the weight back.
Inga’s skills as a hypnotherapist and coach are extraordinary. She seemed to know just the right approach. I have now lost over 30 lbs and look forward to continuing to make positve changes in my self . There truly are no quick fixes but with the right mind set, its possible to lose weight and keep it off.
Darlene T- Atlanta, GA
Life changing!!
I went to Inga Chamberlain about 6 months ago to develop my selling ability. I have been in sales for years and never felt like I did as well as I could. I always felt like something was holding me back.
We worked on clearing out the things that were holding me back. Fears, anxiety, beliefs about myself. We also worked on some of my habits. Things like procrastination and being easily distracted.
Since working with Inga my sales have gone through the roof. Not only am I exceeding my sales goals every month, but I also feel so much better about myself. I have gotten rid of so much anger and guilt at myself and my past.
It’s amazing!! I can strongly recommend Inga Chamberlains services. She is the best!
Sam P – Atlanta, GA
Very helpful
I have been struggling with anxiety for years. I was amazed at how quickly Ms. Chamberlain was able to help me with this issue. We discussed various other aspects of my life and I decided that I could also use some support with weight loss and motivation to exercise. I have now dropped 25 pounds so far and am very excited about the way I feel and look. These are great results but the fact that I did this without drugs or some overly restrictive diet is the best part. I feel so much more in control of myself and that is the most important thing that hypnotherapy has done for me. My confidence in myself has also increased dramatically.
I would highly recommend Inga Chamberlain’s services to anyone who would like to take control of their life and feel really good about themselves.
John R – Atlanta, GA
“A new start – Anxiety Free – 40 year old male”
I have suffered from anxiety for the past four years that caused a dizzy sensation everytime I left the house. Every medication and doctor I saw had a different idea and medication for me to try. None of them worked. It got to the point that I started to avoid public situations and crowded places, even standing in lines made me feel dizzy. It had a very negative impact on my life (ended relationship, weight gain from medication, depression and borderline agoraphopia). I thought there was no hope for me.In an act of desperation, I started to research the Internet to find a local Hypnotist to see if that could possibly work. I met Inga Chamberlain and she documented my symptoms and triggers. She customized a series of sessions and provided a CD to listen to each evening for reinforcement of what we covered during our sessions. This is week six since meeting her. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am. My anxiety is almost completely gone, I can do the things that I used to enjoy anxiety-free. After basically losing the quality of life for 4 years, I have a new lease on life thanks to Inga.She conducts the hypnosis sessions in a professional and confidential setting. She listens to you and customizes the sessions around your needs. My friends have noticed a huge change. If you are in a similar situation to what I was, see Inga, she will help you!
Jeff T. – Atlanta, GA
Hard to believe, but true
So far, I have lost 35 pounds since seeing Inga Chamberlain. She made it easy with her relaxing technique. She even helped me stop biting my nails!I can’t believe it was really this easy, but you never know the power of your mind until you give this a spin.
Jake N- Atlanta, GA
My life has changed for the better
I am currently 36 years old and I have had a debilitating fear of public speaking. I gave one speech in high school and bombed so back I did whatever I could to avoid every being put in that situation again. In the last year I developed social anxiety which resulted in me not being able to have a one on one conversation with any one person unless I was on zanax an beta blockers. I went to see Inga about three months ago and she turned my life around completely. I am now able to talk with other people without going into a complete panic. I have also joined toastmasters and I am working on speaking in public. It has not been easy but I am getting better and better everyday. If you are tired on relying on medication to get you through anxious situations, consider making an appointment with Inga. She has a beautiful spirit about her and her ultimate goal is to help you overcome your fears. Best of all she has overcome quite a few fears that we all experience now. I find it much better to go see a person who knows exactly where you are coming from and understands your difficult obstacles you face on a daily basis.
Suzy S – Atlanta, GA
Trying to stay focused and positive might be a challenge for us today which is why I’m so glad I met Inga. After Inga hypnotizes me I feel so refreshed and much more positive. Her techniques are amazing and so helpful. She has helped me stay focused on my career and my personal life. I highly recommend Inga if you feel you need some extra help to guide you through these tough times.
Jodee Sewell – Atlanta, GA
I have been an executive recruiter for seventeen years. When I met Inga Chamberlain I was burned out. I was surviving but not enjoying work or making the income I should. Inga helped me change my self-talk from negative to positive. We worked on improving my prospecting skills, and my attitude and income improved drastically. I feel more in control and enthusiastic. Thanks for your help!
Theresa – Owner of Key People – Atlanta, GA
“As an avid amateur golfer, I have been struggling to improve my game over the past couple of years. I was one of those players who was stuck at a level where the enjoyment of the game was starting to get lost. After seeing Inga, it was apparent that one of the major reasons I was not improving was because my brain was getting in the way.
The mental aspect of playing golf has caused many a golfer, both amateur and professional alike, to struggle with the game. A swing coach can prepare you physically for the game, but getting the mental side under control is much harder.
After a few sessions with Inga, she has helped me to refocus my anger after hitting a bad shot. Although I may still grumble after hitting a bad shot, I no longer carry that anger with me throughout the whole round. I have been playing and feeling much better about my game and am now starting to see improvement – even if it is slow. Such is the nature of this very difficult game.”
Barry S.  Atlanta, GA
“The last session has made a lot of difference – I’m sure it’s the combination of both sessions. For the first time in my life I see an endless future ahead of me. I used to feel when I have been moving forward that I was going to run into something to stop me. Now I see a wide endless road ahead (in front) of me with no limits. This is a major shift and has changed my whole perception – I just can’t begin to tell you how things have shifted. Thank you so much. I will be calling you again. Your work is very powerful.”
RU – Atlanta, GA
Thank you so very much for your help in my efforts to stop smoking! I had tried several times in the past, without success. As a smoker of 10 years, the nasty habit was one that I could not overcome on my own. After three sessions with Inga, I found the will to stop. We set a confirmed stop date and I listened to the tapes of our sessions each day, thinking of the positives of being a non-smoker. I have been a non-smoker now for over three months. I could not hve done it wwithout your help, Inga! Thanks so much for helping me kick the habit!
Mike – Atlanta, GA
I’ve spent most of my adult life dieting and trying to make myself exercise. It never worked. So when I had the opportunity to work with Inga Chamberlain I figured “what do I have to lose?” The answer was weight. I had been missing the right mind set. I realize now that I didn’t really have the right motivation. Inga worked with me to get down to my feelings and attitudes and desires. Though thereís never a quick fix for any true change, with your head in the right place it is possible and an exciting and new way to see yourself.
Darlene Mellein – Artist,  Los Angeles, CA
I met Inga at a seminar and was curious about hypnosis and her weight-loss program. I recently turned 55 and have been on a steady weight gain for five years, resulting in 40 pounds. For the last three years I have literally tried everything resulting in $5,000 to $7,000 a year in expenses to no avail. My first meeting with Inga I was skeptical at best but why not? There were several ideas gained from this proces that I took away, one, I had never counted calories and had never thought about the fact that the body needs rest to burn calories. I was not eating enough and certainly did not take the time to rest. Since my sessions started in February I have been on a steady weight loss resulting in 14 pounds after 5 sessions, and have the confidence and know how to make this work. I already had a high activity level with walking and weight training but have stepped that process up as well with the results I am getting.
I am so pleased and recommend this to anyone, especially those that seem to be at a stand still.
Jill – Atlanta, GA