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Georgia Business Coaches Show


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BevAnn Bonds and Lee Kantor host the Georgia Business Coaches show. BevAnn is the owner of Business Support Solutions, a virtual assistance organization for entrepreneurs. 




Lee Kantor is also the host of the popular Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy Show and several other Atlanta-based radio shows.

Today we spoke with Inga Chamberlain of NeuroSolutions. Inga is a successful entrepreneur with 16 years experience as a hypnotherapist, speaker and trainer. Her backgroun


d also includes over 10 years experience in the executive search industry, both as a headhunter and as owner/manager of her own firm. As an expert in motivation and peak performance she combines these skills with her expertise in sales to assist companies and individuals in moving past obstacles in their path to success. Enhancing sales, sports and stage performance and working with individuals who want to alleviate bad habits or let go of addictive behaviors are all examples of the types of individuals that have transformed their lives utilizing Inga’s techniques.

Inga has a BA in Psychology and is certified as a clinical hypnotherapist, master practitioner of NLP, executive/business coach and is the creator of the "Neuro Conditioning System". 

Create success in all areas of your life by calling Inga Chamberlain for your free consultation today. Call 770-560-4861.