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Sales Training for the Mind

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is a key step in sales training for the mind.  By doing so you have a salesperson with much more emotional stability and the improved ability to withstand the ups and downs of selling.
Sale’s is a great profession because the salesperson is the one that creates action in the marketplace. Nothing happens until someone buys or sells something. So the person who sells has the unique opportunity to be paid commensurate with their abilities in a way that most other professionals do not. Their income therefore is affected negatively when their skill is not at its peak.
The fact is that 80% of the success of a salesperson is not based upon sales techniques or product knowledge, it is based on their attitude.  The ability to stay motivated, enthusiastic and energized is the key to being successful in sales. The very thing they need most is the thing that on a daily basis takes hits from all sides. The emotional life of the salesperson needs to be strong. They need to have what Daniel Goleman calls “Emotional Intelligence”. The ability to move forward despite rejection to know that it is not personal and to stay focused on the objective would be a good example of emotional intelligence in sales.
Hypnosis and NLP can make an incredible impact on the salesperson’s attitude. By clearing out limiting beliefs and fears and then building their level of confidence you empower the salesperson to take action and achieve to their full potential.  In this way you create sales training for the mind.
Do any of the following apply to you?
  • Are you lacking confidence when selling?
  • Do you feel pushy or aggressive when you ask for referrals?
  • Do you spend a large part of your day doing busy work?
  • Are you so fearful of making cold calls that you avoid them completely?
  • Do you fear rejection?
  • Do you have anxiety or fear of public speaking?
  • Could improving your people skills improve your sales?
  • Do you fear making presentations?
  • Are you easily distracted and unable to focus?
  • Are you already a peak performer and want that extra edge?
Procrastination is a huge problem with performance issues.  So that is addressed as well.
This is what Inga’s clients are saying:

Sales performance in a sensitive economy is always a challenge. Even more when double digit sales increases over prior year are expected in the workplace benefits sales business. Putting it mildly, the environment is not always accommodating.  Inga addressed how to effect positive change in a negative environment to my territorial team of sales managers.  The points she made and techniques she recommended will be put into practice immediately.

Working with and dealing with negative people in tough times is difficult enough. Initial reaction to the afternoon program ranged from increased confidence to positive astonishment with each participant knowing that negative people and situations can be managed by watching, listening, developing and applying her techniques.  It is all about a choice to be positive; each day, every day.

Richard Sutter ,Vice President,  Allstate Workplace Division

I first contacted Inga because I am in sales and had developed a serious problem around making sales calls. 100% of my sales come from telephone contact, and it had gotten so bad that I was only making a few calls a day! My boss expects me to make a minimum of 30 calls per day, so you can see how far off I was. Before making a call, I dreaded it, worried about it, procrastinated about it, imagined the worst possible outcome, and basically worked myself into such a bad state, that I was of no use on the 3 -4 calls I did manage to make per day. My sales dropped off dramatically and consequently my job was on the line. I was warned that if things did not improve, I would be fired.

Even after being told that by my boss, and KNOWING I could lose my job in this economy, I STILL procrastinated. That’s when I contacted Inga. I purchased 5 sessions from Inga, and things actually started improving after my first session with her. Each session brought incremental improvements. It was a gradual improvement, and what I liked most about it is that it felt completely natural. She didn’t give me any exercises to do, or mantras to chant. I just sat through a session with her, and BAM! I got results. She does supply you with a recording of each session, that you can listen to for reinforcement, but honestly, I only listened to each CD a couple of times.

I can truly say that if it wasn’t for Inga, I would be unemployed right now. She literally saved my job for me! Get this – Now that I’m making the calls I need to make without procrastinating, anxiety, or dread, my next goal is to learn how to get excited about making cold calls, and to actually look forward to doing it! That is a FAR cry from where I started, but I know Inga can help me get there.

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K.K. Woodstock, GA

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