Inga Chamberlain Atlanta, GA Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner

Healthcare Reform for the Mind

 Health care reform is all over the news today.  This BLOG is not a discussion of the government package.  But instead about how we can save our health and also save money by being healthier.

In my hypnosis practice I consistently help people become healthier.  Through behavior change that becomes permanent utilizing a combination of NLP and hypnosis my clients become healthier.

Stopping smoking is an obvious choice to becoming healthier.  weight loss also makes a huge impact on health. Just losing 10% of the bodies weight will make a  major impact on blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The less obvious and more long term benefits kick in when you work on alleviating depression and Anxiety.  Left untreated these conditions have a huge impact on heart health and the negative effects trickle down into the immune system, the digestive system, cognitive function and more.

By taking back some of the control in your mind you gain more control over your life.  If you don’t need to use heath care system as much everyone wins.