Inga Chamberlain Atlanta, GA Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner

Sales Call Reluctance and Mental Toughness

The idea of making prospecting calls can turn the toughest person to mush. Fear of the unknown is a powerful fear.  This coupled with fear of rejection and fear of failure will stop some sales people in their tracks.    What has to change?   1. Become mentally tough with increased levels of confidence. 2. Get rid of fears and procrastination. 3. Get more mental flexibility. 4. Get more behavioral flexibility, in other words if you are not getting the results you want CHANGE something. 5. Clear out limiting beliefs.   Now for those analyzers out there this may all sound hard to quantify.  So I am listing below HOW I help my clients become mentally tough.  These processes take less than an hour each to become proficient.     1. Install resource anchors by creating the ability to instantly feel more confident and strong any time and any place.   2. Mental exercises/NLP which create behavior changes in under an hour. 3. Install new behaviors using NLP and alleviate fears. 4. Change limiting beliefs using NLP and hypnosis. 5. Integrate all changes into your subconscious so that they become the new way of functioning. So let’s see, that’s 5 hours to change a major part of your mental functioning.  That’s 5 hours to make MAJOR CHANGE in your subconscious mind which will create MAJOR CHANGE in your life.  These techniques will create the mental toughness needed to thrive in this economy.