Inga Chamberlain Atlanta, GA Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner

Just Listen

One of the most overlooked skills in life is listening. In order to learn you need to listen. In order to understand you need to listen. In order to give information you need to listen so you know what needs to be shared.
Listening for sales people and entrepreneurs helps them to gain credibility. Trust and honesty need to be developed to sell well and most in sales don’t listen well enough to develop those valued connections. By listening you develop rapport and that connection is so important to selling.
If you’re not listening when others speak, why should they listen to you? Listening is an active skill. It is reciprocal. You listen because you’re interested and that makes others feel important.  A curious state of mind will help you to really become absorbed in listening.
They say that Jackie Kennedy was charming but what they really meant was she was an excellent listener. She wasn’t looking for someone else to talk to, she was focused on the person she was conversing with and she didn’t let her eyes wander around the room. She maintained a good level of eye contact. She listened to their remarks and responded with intelligent questions. By asking questions that were relevant she created rapport. In other words the person she talked to felt heard and understood and that made her seem charming.
Asking relevant questions will convey the message that you are listening and this develops rapport. Sales people and entrepreneurs who develop this skill will be more successful in their business as well as in the rest of their life. Relationships, work, study and sales all improve through excellent listening skills.
By developing listening skills your life will open up in many amazing ways.  Who knows, perhaps you may someday be thought of as charming.