Inga Chamberlain Atlanta, GA Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner

Lose Weight Permanently

Symbolically the New Year is a time of new beginnings and so the perfect time to start a new habit or behavior. As a hypnotherapist, this is the time of year that I receive the most calls from new clients. One of the most popular behaviors to change is eating behavior. I use hypnosis to help my clients change their eating behavior and lose weight. I also work with some common eating disorders, like binge eating and anorexia.
With my weight loss programs we work to make the changes permanent. Losing weight is actually not that hard. The hard part is to change the underlying cause of the unhealthy eating and to make those changes become part of a healthy lifestyle. If a person doesn’t change their behavior permanently they will regain the weight.
People have been conditioned to eat too much. Last night we went out to eat. We had a glass of wine each and 2 large sushi rolls. For desert we split a Crème Brule. The couple next to us had appetizers and an entrée. I didn’t wait around to see if they had dessert too. The sheer quantity of the servings in restaurants is over the top. Every time I think they can’t make the portions bigger or fattier they do.
I help my clients to feel full faster and too listen to the signals there body is giving them. Eating is part of life. That doesn’t mean it’s the only enjoyable part of life. There has to be more. It’s important to find other ways to experience pleasure. Getting outside and moving around more, it doesn’t need to be “exercise” just movement. Play with your children or pets or go for a walk in nature. It all counts. By making these changes you will be able to have a normal relationship with food and enjoy other aspects of life as well.
You can’t think of weight loss as a diet, because a diet has a beginning and an ending. This is what most people do and when they reach the end they go right back to old behaviors. My program is different because with hypnosis we help the person to change their thoughts and feelings about food and since all behavior comes from thought their behavior around food changes too. By changing behaviors you create permanent weight loss and even more important you bring increased health and well being into your life.