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Hypnosis can help take the stress out of fertility issues.

Hypnosis can have a huge impact on a mother’s ability to conceive.   Infertility is a growing problem. Whether it is related to toxins in the environment or because more couples are waiting to have their first child until they are in there late 30’s and early 40’s, there is a growing population of the “infertile”. More and more couples are now turning to hypnosis as a way to overcome issues relating to their fertility

There are many reasons why hypnosis is helpful with fertility. It is obvious to many that the mind and the body interact. What they might not be aware of is exactly the degree of that interaction and the power that can be gained over the physiology with hypnosis. An obvious example is when we panic: we begin to sweat and our hearts beat faster as adrenaline is pumped into our blood. Meanwhile, Indian mystics can actually control the rate at which their hearts beat. In a similar way, a woman’s mental and emotional state can control the hormone balance in her body. This, in turn, controls the woman’s ability to become pregnant.
A large part of the problem with many people is they have an underlying fear of some aspect of pregnancy or simply a negative attitude about their ability to conceive. It is important for the woman to feel totally confident in her ability to conceive and to clear out any fears which place a mental and therefore physical obstacle to becoming pregnant. Fear of having a miscarriage is just one of the fears that can effectively create an obstacle to conception.
Hypnosis has also been proven in some clinical studies to double the success rate of IVF procedures. The reason hypnosis makes such a dramatic difference is not fully known but the body can be made to relax more completely and this makes all the hormone systems work more effectively. You can also relax the uterus which then allows for the egg to be implanted more easily.
So whether you are having a fertility procedure or simply want to clear out fears and negativity regarding becoming pregnant call Inga Chamberlain and find out if hypnosis is right for you.