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Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss works by changing behavior at the source.  Weight loss using hypnosis is not just another diet. We all know that diets don’t work long term.
Dieting will not result in permanent weight loss without permanent behavior change.  A new lifestyle has to replace the old.  It is so important to control emotional eating. If healthy, nutritious food is consumed only when the body is hungry, there would be significantly fewer overweight individuals.

Obesity is a major problem and according to the latest statistics if we continue on the path we are on all adults will be obese by the year 2040.  This lifestyle affects the health of the affected person in numerous ways. Not only does it increase heart disease but it also is the major risk factor for type II diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Perhaps just as important is the low self esteem and negative feeling that the overweight suffer.

Behavior change through behavior modification combined with hypnosis in clinical studies produced double the results of behavior modification alone when used to lose weight.  In order for the new behavior to become permanent it has to become part of a new healthy lifestyle.  Exercise and healthy diet are the behaviors that need to be instilled along with the ability to become conscious of eating. The ability to control emotional eating is key to successful permanent weight loss.

My weight loss hypnosis sessions are customized to the individual.  Whether you eat sweets compulsively, eat too much at dinner and in the evening or simply make bad food choices you can be helped with my plan.

My hypnotherapy weight loss plan Is not just another diet and it is not a short term plan.  It is a way to change your habitual ways of interacting with food, permanently.

Have you ever eaten unconsciously?  Do you find yourself with your head in the refrigerator- just browsing?  Or do you suddenly notice that the couple of cookies you were going to eat has become an entire bag of cookies?

Do you ever eat out of boredom? How about anger or loneliness?  Maybe you are just overeating.  All of these behaviors are making you gain weight.  None of these behaviors have anything to do with nutrition or health.

So what is the solution?  We begin by changing behavior. The second step is to resolve and reprogram the underlying cause and then reinforce and add new empowering thoughts and behaviors to permanently change the way you eat.  Exercise alone will not do it, eating healthy will not do it because the amount consumed has to change. Most people have huge appetites that have nothing to do with physical hunger and everything to do with the need to comfort. Using hypnotherapy and NLP we remove the emotional reasons for eating and reinforce new behaviors. 

Would you like to lose weight without all the stress?  By using post-hypnotic suggestions we change your perception of foods that are unhealthy.   In some cases we may use aversions to unhealthy foods in order to make it easy for you to make better choices.  Everyone becomes a more conscious eater.  No longer will you unconsciously go to the kitchen to eat when watching TV!

Whether you would like to lose 10 lbs or over 100lbs, my weight loss programs will make you think thin!   For more information on programs and session pricing call Inga Chamberlain today! 770-560-4861

See what Inga’s clients are saying:


I am not sure how many of your clients actually take the time to say thank you so I want to do that. I am sure you realize that your work truly impacts lives and in just one session it has already made a difference in mine. Let me share..    “Last night I went to dinner at Longhorn, I ordered a Med prepared 8oz steak and backed sweet potato and salad. As an appetizer my friend ordered my all time favorite fried onion peels. I “never” turn these things down. The order came and I had absolutely no desire eat any of them. I took 2 to be polite but they had no flavor. I ended up having the server take them back. It was amazing. Then last night came. I listened to my CD and feel asleep. Unfortunately I woke up in the middle of the night, which is my prime food binge, snack time. But amazingly enough, I had no desire to snack. I went to the frig for a drink of water and went back to bed. So yet another success experience, no desire to snack or binge or eat anything for that matter. I couldn’t BELIEVE it. These encounters actually bring tears to my eyes. For so many years I have struggled with snacking, bingeing and chronic dieting. For the first time in my life I feel in control of my food instead of it being in control of me.”                                                                                                                                                                DW, Atlanta

I am a 63-year-old woman, and I’ve had a terrible weight problem for many years. I’ve tried almost every weight loss program out there, including a year’s worth of shots and oral appetite suppressants on my doctor’s weight loss program, and spent untold thousands of dollars in the frustrating, exasperating process.

A few months ago, I had the amazing good fortune to discover Inga Chamberlain as I was researching surgical procedures for weight loss. Now, thanks to my weekly hypnosis sessions with Inga, my whole outlook has changed and I’m seeing wonderful progress — shedding pounds that the drugs and shots couldn’t budge. I no longer feel compelled to consider allowing what amounts to butchery on my body to get to my weight-loss goal.

There aren’t words powerful enough to convey how blessed I feel to have found Inga. Not only has she made working toward my weight goal virtually painless — both emotionally and physically — but she is also helping me with lifelong issues that have impacted my well-being in a multitude of ways.

Thank you, Inga, for changing my life! L.M., Atlanta

I met Inga at a seminar and was curious about hypnosis and her weight-loss program. I recently turned 55 and have been on a steady weight gain for five years, resulting in 40 pounds. For the last three years I have literally tried everything resulting in $5,000 to $7,000 a year in expenses to no avail. My first meeting with Inga I was skeptical at best but why not? There were several ideas gained from this process that I took away, one, I had never counted calories and had never thought about the fact that the body needs rest to burn calories. I was not eating enough and certainly did not take the time to rest. Since my sessions started in February, I have been on a steady weight loss resulting in 14 pounds after 5 sessions, and have the confidence and know how to make this work. I already had a high activity level with walking and weight training but have stepped that process up as well with the results I am getting.

I am so pleased and recommend this to anyone, especially those that seem to be at a stand still.

Jill, Atlanta, GA