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Fear and Hypnosis

Fear and Hypnosis

I have had many fears, phobias and anxieties in my life.  I used hypnosis to get rid of all of my fears.  My mother started the process of installing fear by telling me “you could be killed” every time I wanted to learn a new physical activity.  Because of this early training I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 33.  I also had a strong fear, probably a phobia to public speaking.  A phobia to heights and many other things like social Anxiety and general discomfort around crowds.  I was a worrier, constantly worrying about what could happen.

Hypnosis helped to open many doors in my life.  All the things I used to be afraid to do or felt incapable of doing were suddenly options.  What could you accomplish if you were no longer unreasonably fearful?  I now give speeches as part of my business.  I have rock climbed and mountain climbed. I have mountain biked all over Northern California.  But most important the daily Anxiety and worry is now under my control.

Fear is a fact of life.  We are born with two fears.  Fear of loud noises and fear of falling.  All the others have been taught to us or absorbed by us through our parents, siblings, teachers or negative experiences.  Of course some fear is healthy, these fears help us to survive and are actually called instinctual fears.  You can’t hypnotize away an instinct but you can get rid of other kinds of Anxiety, phobias and fears.

Fear that stops you from taking action.  Fear that stops you from being the best you can be.  Fear that causes physical damage to your body.  These are all fears that can be alleviated.

It all starts in the mind.  Your thoughts are what creates the fear that you feel.  Using hypnosis you can shift your thinking.  You can develop self confidence and change the worry habit into something that actually helps you.  You can get rid of phobias and you will be able to do the things you didn’t believe you were capable of doing.  hypnosis can set you free.

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