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    Get Healthy Habits Now!

    Get Healthy Habits Now!

    Holidays are supposed to be about love, family and togetherness,  instead they are all about parties, alcohol and food and that’s OK.  Whoa… did I actually say that’s OK??  Yes I did.  Why, you might ask would a person who most of the year coaches, councils  and holds her clients accountable to change bad habits now endorse them?

    The answer is easy. You need to pick your battles.  Habits can be very difficult to change. Guilt, depression and generally feeling bad about yourself is not going to help your health.  If you want to get through the holidays and come out the other side healthy, start right now to create an exercise habit and eat healthy food in moderation. Do the work before Thanksgiving hits and then give yourself permission to relax and eat some of your favorite foods because you probably will anyway.  What is the point of eating the food and not enjoying it?

    Right now in my inbox I already have several well meaning newsletters telling me what I “should” do to survive the holidays. Frankly, I don’t want to just survive.  I want to thrive and I do.  I exercise 6 days a week, I eat healthy automatically and I get 8 hours sleep most nights.  It has become habit so that when the holidays arrive I will continue to eat healthy. Yes,  I might eat several slices of my mothers’ cheesecake (pick your battles). But, most of the other foods don’t thrill me anymore.

    So let me ask you a question.  If you no longer wanted to eat piles of mashed potatoes along with a huge mound of turkey and 3 different pies on Thanksgiving do you think you would miss it?  Actually you won’t.  That is the key to have healthy habits that drive you to feel and be healthy.  The new habits over time become automatic and replace the old habits.

    So this year do the work now!! Get some healthy habits in place for the next couple of weeks and by Thanksgiving you might not want all the extra stuff.  But if you do have some, enjoy it. Feeling guilty is not going to improve your health and well being.  Free yourself from saying ” I shouldn’t have eaten that” .  Either eat it or don’t but please drop the word “should” from your vocabulary this holiday season.

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