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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Losing weight and keeping it off is all about lifestyle. hypnosis to lose weight helps to create a healthy lifestyle. If your only form of entertainment is drinking and eating, and going places to drink and eat you better have a killer metabolism.  You will gain weight with this lifestyle.  In my weight loss sessions and also the group series we work on creating an active “lifestyle”.   This doesn’t mean you need to take up mountain climbing or never eat in a restaurant again.  It does mean that a “lifestyle” of parking your butt in front of a computer or TV screen has got to go.  Everyone that lives this way not only puts on weight, but as the newest scientific studies show, die younger.

My clients learn how to:

  • Identify hunger-physical hunger:  Many do not know what physical hunger feels like.  They believe if they have a craving it must mean that they are physically hungry. You can have physical cravings from low blood sugar or because you are hungry.  But most people are simply experiencing the mind’s control over how the body feels.  Go do something that engages your mind and see if you still have the craving. Probably not.
  • Drop the use of good and bad to describe foods and behaviors:   Many people describe certain foods and themselves as good or bad.  This sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind.  Telling yourself that you are bad because of what you have eaten, diminishes self esteem and increases guilt.  Both of these emotions will make you want to eat more.  Foods are not bad or good.  Healthy or unhealthy is a better way to describe food to yourself.
  • Slow down and eat more consciously:
  • Enjoy the food you eat more and eat less of it.
  • Find enjoyable ways to add activity to their life.

Also, we use hypnosis to change the triggers and cues that make you eat in the first place.  Creating a healthy  lifestyle is the key to keeping the weight off permanently.

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