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The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

Choice is a powerful concept.  We make choices everyday.  But have you ever considered the fact that the choices you make are an integral part of who you are and will become?

Many people may think that their personality is the result of genetics and the influences of their life and yes, these are important players in the creation of your personality.

But there is another component and that is “free will” or “choice “.  Now some who do not understand hypnosis may wonder why a hypnotherapist is talking about free will…. In reality hypnosis increases your ability to make better choices and increases your willpower.

You can and do choose your thoughts on a daily basis.  Sometimes it might not feel that way but if you become more conscious of your thought patterns and self talk you will begin to notice that you can change them.  There lies the power of hypnosis.  Hypnosis makes you aware of what you think and gives you choice as to what you do with the thoughts you have.

All behavior begins with thought and hypnosis  puts you more in control of your behavior and therefore your life.

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