Weight Loss Techniques that Work

Weight Loss Techniques that Work

There are so many choices for diet and weight loss today.  But did you know that there have always been numerous choices.  Anybody remember the grapefruit diet or how about cabbage soup diet from the 60’s?  Then in the 70’s we had “diet pills” and other deprivation style diets and the list goes on and on.

Now we have “diet pills” again.  We have something called SENSA and also the HCG diet. None of these “diets” work long term because they have one thing in common.  When you stop the diet, when you grow tired of the deprivation or taking the pills or the shots or the supplements you will regain the weight.  Most of the time you not only regain the weight you lost but a few additional pounds as well.

So what is the way to lose weight permanently? Many of you will not want to hear this, but the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to change your behavior.

People want a quick fix.  Most people are sick and tired of thinking about their weight and food and what to eat when.  However, when a person changes behavior you can make that change permanent.  When you change behavior the thinking needs to change first.  That’s where I come in by helping my clients to have better healthier thoughts in regards to food.    When you change the thoughts the behavior automatically changes.   This is very powerful, not only do you get the desired behavior but it also does not feel like work.

weight loss is very complex and many dieters are in denial as to their role in being overweight.  This creates a resistance to changing behavior because they don’t understand that they are responsible for the behavior.  This is another way that I help my clients by helping them to clearly see what they are doing.  It is almost impossible for anyone to work to change by themselves. This is why psychologists and psychiatrists need to see a therapist if they have a problem, they can’t work on themselves.

Once you take responsibility for where you are now you gain power.  By using hypnosis and NLP I am able to help my clients change their thoughts about food.  We disconnect the emotional aspect from eating.  This means that the power to change is yours and the best way to access that power is through hypnosis.

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