Habit cough

Habit cough

Habit cough is exactly what it describes.

A cough that has no physical cause that has become habitual. Many with this condition are children or teens and the underlying cause seems to be stress.  It can be triggered by a very real cough/cold or bronchitis and then it simply won’t go away. 

Habit cough child image

 The person gets all sorts of medical tests but nothing works long term.  This is another demonstration of the strong connection between the mind and body. In most cases the child/teen is under some kind of stress.  Very often they are very busy and an achiever,  the type of student who really works hard and doesn’t seem stressed outwardly.  The cough seems to be a way of releasing the stress that then becomes a habit.  With hypnosis I use suggestions that help the person turn off the habit. 

I also will work on the underlying stress and assist the client in  increasing levels of confidence and self esteem. If you or someone you know has this habit, call Inga Chamberlain for a free consultation at 770-560-4861.