Pain Management

Pain Management

Over 100 million Americans
struggle with chronic pain

This has created a major epidemic in the prescribing of pain drugs and recurring problems with depression and anxiety as well. Hypnosis is a well known and studied alternative method of pain control. Hypnosis has a multi- faceted effect on pain. Not only does it reduce the stress, tension and negative thoughts experienced by most pain sufferers. But it also gives them control of their pain.

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According to studies from the National Institutes of Health “Thirteen studies, excluding studies of headaches, were identified that compared outcomes from hypnosis for the treatment of chronic pain to either baseline data or a control condition. The findings indicate that hypnosis interventions consistently produce significant decreases in pain associated with a variety of chronic-pain problems. Also, hypnosis was generally found to be more effective than non-hypnotic interventions such as attention, physical therapy, and education. Most of the hypnosis interventions for chronic pain include instructions in self-hypnosis.”

Whenever I work with a client who has chronic pain we teach them self hypnosis since the ability to use hypnosis throughout the day is a required part of the therapy. The ability to reduce pain or completely numb the area feeling the pain is one of the techniques the client will learn. Many other techniques will also be learned and integrated into the patients daily routine. Whether for tooth pain, neuropathic pain, muscle tension pain, cancer pain or any other type of chronic pain syndrome, hypnosis and self hypnosis are effective in easing the pain.