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3 Ways Hypnosis Improves Sales Performance

3 Ways Hypnosis Improves Sales Performance

Hypnosis is a great way to reduce the stress and limitations of salespeople. Being in sales or being an entrepreneur can be a very stressful career choice. If the person also has behaviors or feelings that limit their success their stress levels will go even higher.

Using hypnosis you can change habits and behaviors and make them automatic. In the same way that hypnosis will help someone stop the habit of smoking it can also be used to let go of things like procrastination and to instill new productive habits.

Salespeople and entrepreneurs need to have high levels of confidence. Internal resources like confidence, self esteem, self discipline and will power are all “states of mind” that can be grown and developed using hypnosis.

When I work with salespeople/entrepreneurs we use a process of discovery:

  1. We find out what limitations there are and lessen or remove their negative effects. Limitations could be fear of failure, problems with focusing, procrastination, fear of rejection, fear of public speaking etc.
  2. We then proceed to develop higher levels of internal resources. Having unstoppable self confidence, high levels of energy and focus are a few of the resources we develop. Others may include better decision making and time management. Developing leadership skills especially for entrepreneurs is helpful as well.
  3. We also help with the creation of some personal healthy habits. What I like to call “success habits”. Success habits are the habits and behaviors that tend to improve the person through all aspects of their life. The positive habits that are key to performing at a peak level are:
  • Exercise
  • Adequate Sleep
  • Eating healthy

Because sales income is directly correlated with the salespersons or entrepreneurs attitude every effort must be made to have a high functioning person. By developing the internal resources and moving past limitations not only does the salesperson/entrepreneur feel better, their behaviors/habits change and of course this directly impacts their sales performance.

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