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Peak performance

Peak performance

Hypnosis to improve performanceis not a new concept

Peak performance using hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a concept that has been around since the 60’s. Originally this concept was applied to sports performance. But now this concept has infiltrated any arena of performance that one would like to improve. Sales performance, sports performance, stage and academic performance are all types of performance that can be improved through the use of hypnosis.

Performance improvement of all kinds is focused first on the individual. “Team” is important in sales and sports. Even in stage performance there is often a “company” and academics has now integrated aspects of “team” as well. But to improve the performance of the individual can often improve the entire team. When each individual on a team performs at a higher level, the entire team improves. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been used for decades in improving sports performance. More recently hypnosis is helping all other types of performance.

In my practice in Atlanta Ga, I do this by improving the ability of the individual to ramp up the weak aspects of their “game”. Overcoming, fear of failure, performance anxiety and panic syndromes are all involved as well. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is very helpful with phobic responses and is integrated into my hypnosis sessions. I make a recording of each session which the client uses in between hypnosis sessions to reinforce and integrate the changes we have initiated.

I find this type of work to be very rewarding for me and exciting for my clients. It is wonderful to help a golfer take strokes off their game or a salesperson improve their numbers in a very short period of time. This type of work is so positive and helps the client to do the things they have often put off or procrastinated about for years. Hypnosis and NLP make a huge impact and are safe and effective techniques to make permanent positive change.

How would you like to perform the way you always knew you could, but for some reason haven’t yet? Call me if you would like to:

  • Improve your sport

  • Increase sales

  • Pass a test or improve focus

  • Nail an audition

  • Give a powerfull presentation