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Stop smoking

Stop smoking

Smoking is a habit and an addiction. So in order to stop smoking using hypnosis you must connect to the subconscious mind where all habits are stored. The addiction to nicotine is strong, but the habitual behavior associated with smoking is far stronger.

If the addiction to nicotine was very strong then I would have clients with an addiction to nicotine gum or patches. The smoker has linked all the pleasures in life with smoking. So the smoker is more addicted to the ritual of smoking then to the nicotine itself.

Hypnosis to stop smoking gets you in touch with your subconscious mind which is the part of your mind where habits and behaviors are formed. The best way to become a non-smoker is to realize that this is a habit. Smoking became a habit because at some point in your life you needed it. Whether to feel as though you fit in or because you felt less anxious when you smoked, there was a reason you started. Once you really know that it is just a habit it loses some of its power.

I used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day. I can really understand the issues that cause someone to start and continue to smoke. Hypnotherapy is the tool to release you from this habit. It is important to want to stop smoking yourself. No one else can do it for you and your desire is the key to making this positive change. Almost immediately you will begin to feel better. You will feel clean and fresh. Your breath will improve, food will taste better, your energy will increase and best of all you will feel proud of yourself. You will feel a sense of confidence that you were able to stop this filthy habit and be in control of your life.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis in Atlanta Georgia
Stop Smoking Hypnosis in Atlanta GA

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Here is what inga’s clients are saying…

Thank you so very much for your help in my efforts to stop smoking! I had tried several times in the past, without success. As a smoker of 10 years, the nasty habit was one that I could not overcome on my own. After three sessions with Inga, I found the will to stop. We set a confirmed stop date and I listened to the tapes of our sessions each day, thinking of the positives of being a non-smoker. I have been a non-smoker now for over three months. I could not have done it without your help, Inga! Thanks so much for helping me kick the habit!

– Mike, Atlanta