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Happiness and Hypnosis

Happiness and Hypnosis

Happiness has been in the new’s recently.  People want to feel happier and why shouldn’t we all feel good? Books like “Stumbling on Happiness” and”The Happiness Project”are very popular now in part due to the negative news and economic downturn.  I am writing a book  titled “The Power of Choice”  and it includes my ideas and experiences in transforming my life and increasing my clients levels of happiness by increasing there ability to chose better.   I have used hypnosis and NLP to develop myself and yesterday I described my first experience with hypnosis.

It is pretty obvious why I wanted to change my state of mind.  I wanted to feel different.  Growing up in a fairly isolated place tends to make one introspective. All of that inward focus in childhood can be unhealthy.  My mother tended to give mixed messages.  On one hand she believed in positive thinking.  She read Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s book “The Power of Positive Thinking” and encouraged us to be positive.  On the other hand she was anxious and put her fears squarely onto the girls in our family with the message that “we could be killed” if we attempted to ride a bike or go sledding on a big hill or take a walk by ourselves.  I believe that I was mildly depressed in childhood and if I had been in elementary school now I would have been diagnosed with ADHD.  Instead I simply spent a large part of 1st grade in the corner with my desk.

When it comes right down to it, what I wanted was to feel happy.  That’s what everyone wants.  Right?? I read books and tried to be happy.  In college I tried some other avenues as many of my age did back in the 70’s but to no avail.  I always came back to me.  At some point it came to me that if I wanted to be happier I didn’t need to change my circumstances so much as I had to change myself.  The way I thought had to change.  What I focused on needed to become what I wanted to have and not all the things that weren’t working.

I explored meditation, and have practiced yoga consistently now for over 30 years.  These two things have helped tremendously.  But being a person with a strong drive to improve they just weren’t fast enough for me.  Hypnosis is brief therapy and works relatively quickly.  If you know what you want hynosis can help you get there.

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