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Hypnosis for Behavior Change and Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Behavior Change and Weight Loss

The average diet lasts 72 hours.   hypnosis and behavior modification can make weight loss permanent. Obviously the habits and behaviors with food need to change if any weight loss is to become a part of your life. My clients are typically those people who want to lose between 20 and 150 lbs.

All behavior comes from thought. Using hypnosis I assist my clients in changing certain aspects of their thinking and by changing the thoughts about food you change the behavior.

Emotional eating is a major reason why people gain excess weight. It may have started with holiday eating and then just become a habit. However, oftentimes uncomfortable emotions have been a trigger to eat since childhood. Changing your desire to eat emotionally may sound overwhelming. However using hypnotherapy makes it simpler and the process much smoother. hypnosis makes you more self aware. Becoming more aware of how you think and realizing what those thoughts are doing to your behavior allows you to gain a level of control over your eating behavior.

Working with those that eat emotionally we go through a process of discovering the emotional reasons and then help the client to find a better response to the emotion. Using food because of an emotion is never appropriate. Once the person has used food to resolve an emotion it will quickly become habitual. This ability of the mind to make behaviors habitual or automatic can be useful however it can also create negative automatic behaviors.

Once we have created a shift in emotional eating the rest of weight loss sessions are to create and reinforce healthy eating. We use hypnosis to increase motivation and self discipline as well. As soon as a person feels their self discipline increasing and feels better about them self they will naturally make better choices and begin to lose excess weight.

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