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Keeping a Positive Mindset as an Entrepreneur

Keeping a Positive Mindset as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be very difficult. There have been numerous stories recently detailing the downside of entrepreneurship.  So how can we avoid the pitfalls and negative mindset that affects many entrepreneurs?

Keep Balanced

This one is difficult. Obviously you are going to be putting a huge amount of effort into making your business succeed.  In the case of a start-up that effort can also involve a large investment of money.  Balance needs to be achieved, not a balance of time but instead a balance of mind.  Yes, you will be spending most of your time on the business but good health will determine how long you can maintain that focus.  Exercise and healthy eating doesn’t take a large chunk out the day but the rewards are great.  You will feel better, be more focused and have a better more positive mindset by maintaining balance.

Keep your Identity

Often when someone becomes obsessed with a goal as in the case with a start-up, that person’s identity becomes confused with the business identity.  If you in effect become the business and the business fails that is a devastating blow to your identity.

Avoid Isolation

Isolation invites depression.  Many solopreneurs work in a room by themselves.  This is a sure fire way to become depressed.  Add that to someone who already has issues with Anxiety or depression and it just makes matters worse.  Also worth noting is the fact that most entrepreneurs share certain character traits. Someone who is motivated, enthusiastic and creative can also be more likely to have other strong states.   States like depression, hopelessness, lack of motivation and even suicidal thoughts.

Limit Investment

Don’t let the entrepreneurs blind spot allow you to invest everything you have in your company.  By setting a monetary limit and sticking to it you will keep your stress to a tolerable level.

Let Go of Failure

It’s OK to fail because that is how you will eventually succeed.  You will learn from the experience and the distinctions from that will allow you to make better decisions and choices next time.  By reframing failure as feedback you take off some of the pressure and learn more in the process.

The more you are able to be open with those around you and admit how you feel and how things are going the less stressed you will become.  It takes a huge amount of energy to live a lie.  Be honest and open with yourself and others and the process of starting up a business will feel more in your control.

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