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Looking Back and Moving Forward

Looking Back and Moving Forward

The New Year is traditionally when people prepare to set a path for the following year. They write goals that are often short-term and need more motivational power. Looking back before you move forward is essential if you want to achieve more and feel empowered to succeed in the coming year.

Seeing the progress you’ve made and remembering the things you’ve done can serve as the positive motivational element you need to stay motivated and positive. Resolving past experiences and recognizing negative patterns creates a smoother path forward. 

By looking back, you will gain:

Confidence:  As you remember your successes- all the things you accomplished throughout your life your confidence will grow. Even if you feel lacking, you will discover more measurable successes than you were conscious of having.

See past patterns: Many people repeat the same negative patterns. Looking back, you can make sense of the reasons behind failures and how to remedy the old ways.

Successful strategies: You will learn what works in various situations by looking at past successes. Strategies can often be used in many different contexts.

Resolve past emotional issues: Fears and harmful behaviors are obstacles to success. It’s time to resolve and move past the negatives that are obstacles to success in the future. Patterns of self-sabotage or always choosing the wrong person in relationships will continue unless changed.

Stop making the same mistakes: A mistake or failure is only a problem when you don’t learn from it. Failure gives you new distinctions that make it easier to succeed in the future. You will know and grow by noticing how you sabotaged yourself in the past.

Use all the information you have learned from your trip to the past to create practical and achievable goals. The more specific the goal is, the more likely your subconscious will be able to move you forward in ways that make you successful. When you align the subconscious emotional mind with the logic of the conscious mind, success will come more easily than ever before.

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