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Shortage of Hypnotherapists in Atlanta

Shortage of Hypnotherapists in Atlanta

 Shortage of Hypnotherapists in Atlanta
The Atlanta market is under served in regards to hypnotherapists. The Atlanta metro area at last count has 5.5 million residents and very few hypnotherapists who are working in the field.

hypnosis has been the subject of many studies and research in the past several years. It has now been proven to work with weight loss, smoking cessation, Anxiety and fears, IBS, stress reduction, pain relief, anesthesia, painless childbirth and of course sports, sales, academic and stage performance. Some in the field specialize and others enjoy the variety of working with all types of issues.

On September 19th we will be starting our NGH,- National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnotherapy Course.  Our course will have a basic and advanced component .  When completed the new hypnotherapist will know how to hypnotize for all the above issues but even more important they will understand basic therapeutic techniques and have the ability and confidence to start a practice.

Register before the 30th of August and receive a $300.00 discount.  This is an introductory offer and pricing will change for the next training in 2015.  Call for more info 770-560-4861

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