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Stress and the Body/Mind

Stress and the Body/Mind

The health of the body is directly linked to the mind. Mind body science is making major leaps in our understanding of the relationship of mind/body and the impact we can have on our physical health through our mind/body system.In a recently published study, researchers found that depression-related stress results in the significant shortening of telomeres–the caps at the ends of chromosomes–an indication of accelerated aging!The publication of this study stresses the importance of minimizing the impact of internal and environmental stress on the body. An estimated 75-90% of visits to primary care physicians are now related to the effects of stress, and this new study documents how lethal stress can be to our well-being and longevity.

Of course not all stress is bad.  The stress of exercise or learning a new sport are actually seen as positive stress which results in less inflammation and stress on the body. It is our perception of the stress that often times create the negative reality.

One of the best ways to create less stress in the body and mind is to take a mental vacation.  Whether through meditation or self-hypnosis, this mental break will allow your mind and body to deeply rest.

When I work with clients who are not dealing well with stress, I help them to get into hypnosis. Self hypnosis creates the same health benefits as meditation since it takes place in the same brain wave state. However, for those who have a difficult time learning or committing to meditation the process is easier. During the hypnosis process they learn more quickly and easily and will have post hypnotic suggestions which then help them to use the positive suggestions during their waking day. In this way they will not need to remember to stress less about work or the kids or money. Instead they will automatically feel more in control. When someone feels more in control of their life they have less negative impact from stress.

I know it works because I have seen thousands of people feel better, more in control and less stressed in my practice. Every day I see clients who are going through difficult times and are now better equipped to deal with a negative situation and more resilient in life.

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