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Virtual or Hypnotic Gastric Bypass

Virtual or Hypnotic Gastric Bypass

We now offer the virtual gastric lap-band procedure as seen on the Dr Oz Show and Good Morning America.The hypnotic gastric lap band or bypass process works on the concept that in hypnosis the client believes and experience things so vividly that the brain cannot tell the difference between the hypnotic experience and reality.  During the imagined procedure you will mentally be taken through the process of the bypass operation.  This gets your mind to accept that your stomach has very limited capacity.   If you believe that your stomach is tiny you will not want to eat too much and if you do overeat you will experience pain and discomfort and so begin to associate that discomfort with overeating.  The subsequent hypnosis sessions take the client through the new way of eating.  Creating the desire to eat healthy high quality foods in small amounts and using additional reinforcement to maintain the weight loss.

We prepare for the hypnotic bypass sessions using hypnosis to change how the individual thinks about food. To eliminate unconscious eating helps to make sure that the stomach is not, in essence re-stretched.   This eliminates the typical downside of the surgical lap-band, which is gaining the weight back.

We use a 5 session protocol.

1-Overview of the series and take client history in detail.

2-Virtual Gastric Bypass procedure.

3-Healthy Eating Suggesstions

4-Positive mind set for continued weight loss.

5- Active Lifestyle.

You will also learn how to do what is called “self-hypnosis” during this process.

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