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You Think too Much!

You Think too Much!

The mind is a thinking machine and most people think too much.  This is a fact.  Actually the average person has 50,000-60,000 thoughts a day.   An astronomical 90% of thoughts are repetitive and 75-80% of those repeating thoughts are negative.

The reality is that our thinking mind thinks that’s its job.  However, we have another part of the mind and by connecting the two we can create better mental functioning. Our conscious mind or thinking mind analyzes and worries and our emotional or intuitive mind “knows”.

If we spend too much time using only the thinking mind we create embedded patterns of thought.  These are the negative thoughts that constantly flow through the mind creating fear, worry and stress.  The more we do this the more it becomes habitual and there lies the problem.

The subconscious or intuitive mind is in charge of making thoughts automatic so that it can spend time doing other things like running the autonomic nervous system.   The more a thought is connected to strong emotion the more likely it will become a pattern.  This is one of the premises behind many NLP and hypnosis processes.  If you can remove the emotional connection to a negative experience often times the attached feeling will no longer be triggered.

The best way to develop the connection between the thinking and knowing minds is by using meditation or self hypnosis.   Another way to develop this aspect of mind is by doing anything that results in mindfulness, which is often called “flow” or “the zone” This can sound intimidating but in reality anything that you become deeply engrossed in will create the benefits of mindfulness.  So playing golf or tennis, if you are able to get into the desired “zone”, will create mindfulness.   Playing music and doing art are other ways to get into the zone.  Mindful exercise like walking, yoga, chi gong and tai chi are also great ways to develop the intuitive/knowing mind.

Getting into the zone or flow state has many positive benefits for physical health as well as developing the mind.  It will create an increase in positive indicators of health, like improving sleep, optimizing blood pressure, dropping high cholesterol and releasing muscle tension and stress.

So find your way to get in the zone.  It doesn’t matter what your path is all that matters is that you spend 20-30 minutes a day in a mindful state.   In this way both parts of your mind will come into balance.  You will spend less time thinking, worrying and stressing about things you can’t control and more time knowing what you want to create in your life.

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