Sports performance

Sports performance

The sports psychologist for the United States Olympic team has stated that 80% of any sport is mental. Using hypnosis for sports performance gives the athlete a direct connection to his subconscious mind. Utilizing creative visualization techniques, the player can improve his performance from the technical side as well as changing his attitude and eliminating fear of failure, often called “choking”. Golfers, tennis players and Olympic athletes have all used hypnosis to improve their scores.

The phenomenon called “choking” is one of the most difficult for many in sports to overcome. The problem is one of focus.  The player needs to focus their mind on hitting the ball and game strategy.  Instead, many lose their focus due to the pressure to win or some other kind of trigger.  Once focus on playing the game is lost,  the players mind begins to become overwhelmed with negative thinking and their game falls apart.  This is particularly obvious in tennis and golf because of the individual nature of these sports.

With hypnosis we help the athlete to regain their confidence.  Increase their ability to stay in “the zone”.  Once this happens everything improves.  The athlete has freed up valuable brain function to increase speed and accuracy.  Now we can work on improving the automatic aspect of the sport.  Physical activities of all kinds do not need a lot of mental interference.   The athlete, once they have learned and know their sport,  should no longer be thinking about the basics of the game.  The game should be played. We reconnect the athlete with why they play in the first place.  Reconnecting to the enjoyment of their chosen physical activity.  Moving their body through space and connecting powerfully to a goal to win.

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