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I went to see Inga for weight loss but got so much more. With Inga’s help I was able to lose 30 lbs. Over the years I have tried many programs and this is by far the easiest way I found to lose weight. On top of that she was able to help me regain my confidence and become a more positive person. Inga takes the time to get to know you so she can customize the program to fit your needs. She is sweet, kind, and easy to get to know.

Michele Mucciarone

Inga is a talented and caring therapist, who listens to her clients’ needs, and tailors each session to the individual’s particular challenges. She helped me with my IBS symptoms, and in the process, I gained some valuable skills (self-hypnosis and meditation) so that I can continue to heal myself. I highly recommend Inga for anyone who needs help with a continuing challenge or problem.

Karen Hopkins

Inga Chamberlain is amazing. I went from being afraid to swim in open water to completing 2 Ironman swims. One in a dark river and the other one in the ocean. I enjoyed every session with her and I left feeling relaxed, renewed and able to conquer my fears. If you are trying to overcome any issues I would highly recommend talking to Inga. You will be a better person afterwards.

Bethany Gonzalez

Inga Chamberlain @ Success With Hypnosis is the reason I am now able to call myself a non-smoker. It has been 27 days without vaping/nicotine with Juul e-cigs. I had been a smoker for over 10 years. I started with Menthol cigarettes, moved to ecigs and over the past year had been smoking only juul’s. I had always been a decently heavy smoker, 1/2 pack a day or more. I realized a few months ago that my juul was constantly in my hand. I work from home and noticed over time I was smoking more and more every day while sitting in my home office… Read More

Lisa B

We saw Inga for 8 sessions and went from having severe anxiety / stress from having our first child leave for college to getting to enjoying the experience, being proud of our son, and learning to live in the present!!!

Thanks to Inga and her proven tenchniques of controlling your mind through hypnosis !!!

Muhammad Haider

Inga has been exceptional at helping me change several longstanding undesirable behaviors including procrastination. She has a brilliant understanding of behavioral motivation and change. In addition, she has
a thorough knowledge of the interaction of nutrition, physiology and behavior. I am very happy with the results of my work with Inga, and I highly recommend her for anyone who is seeking behavioral change. Don’t procrastinate.

Richard Smith

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