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5 Styles of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them!

5 Styles of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them!

As we move through January, the New Year’s Resolutions we were so excited about begin to fade.  Whether it’s responsibilities at work or home, we tend to re prioritize other things and the goals fade into the background.  Procrastination is also behind this behavior. Over thinking and pushing off the first day of a new habit or behavior change. Exercise is an easy habit in which to see this behavior.  Making cold calls is also a behavior that many people procrastinate over.

Procrastination is often a form of fear. Fear of the unknown and fear of failure are two fears that stop us from doing something new.  Procrastination is also a habit.  Many may no longer remember where it first started. Perhaps it began in school when they pushed off writing a paper or getting ready to do a presentation, both tasks that many students dislike.  So what creates procrastination and how can we stop procrastinating and take back control of our lives?

  1. Laziness-Lack of energy can become a habit.  Staring at the TV or computer can seem like an action but it is not.  When sitting and focusing on being entertained or distracted becomes a part of your life it is a habit and a form of procrastination.
  2. Feeling Overwhelm- Most people who procrastinate have good intentions and think about doing the new behavior frequently.  The more they think about it the more obstacles come into their consciousness and the more overwhelmed they feel.  Break the task down into small steps and take some action.  This will push you out of this negative mindset.
  3. Perfectionism- Many procrastinators are perfectionists.  They won’t start a project or task until everything is laid out perfectly.    Perfectionism is a very debilitating problem since these people use it as an excuse for lack of action.
  4. Fear- Fear of failure, fear of the unknown hold people captive.  “Paralysis by analysis” is the common term used to describe this feeling.  By avoiding the fear you give it more power.  Feel the fear, recognize that you are afraid and then take action anyway.  This creates  a feeling of power.  It doesn’t have to be a big action at first.  Just do something and your subconscious will take note.
  5. Poor time management- For some poor time management makes it seem like they procrastinate.  They either don’t know how to prioritize or simply don’t.   This behavior then mimics or has the same negative result as procrastination.

Notice if you have any of these behaviors and realize that you can do something about this problem. By breaking a project or goal into small steps you take away some of the fear and overwhelm.  Lay out a plan and prioritize and you develop time management skills.  Let go of the idea that everything has to be perfect.  Just get off the couch and take some action!

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