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Change Your Attitude and Sell More

Change Your Attitude and Sell More

The fact is that 80% of a sales person’s success is based upon their attitude.  hypnosis helps to make a  attitude change easier to attain.   So how do you determine what the attitude needs to be? Saying “a good attitude” is obviously not enough.  Even a “positive attitude” is not specific enough.

As a behavioral therapist, I have come to realize that specificity, in all things related to behavior, is the major determining factor in being able to make a change. We need to think in specifics so that we know when we have it or don’t.

There are many words that could be substituted for attitude. Some of the more common are: approach, outlook, manner, feeling, mind set.

There are also several different definitions, of the word. Ranging from a ballet position or an aeronautic term to what I am alluding to which is a way of feeling about something or someone.

So now that we know what it is, what kind of attitude do we want?

In relation to our product or service we want a positive mind-set.  In relation to the customer and to ourselves we also want a positive mind-set.  How do we change a negative attitude to a positive one? The problem isn’t to change the attitude, that’s relatively easy.  The main problem is to change the attitude and keep the change.

Now here’s where specifics come into play.  How specifically will you know if your attitude is positive?  Will you:

  • Smile more, feel cheerful?
  • Walk differently?
  • Feel more motivated to prospect?
  • Be fearless?
  • Focus on what each contact could bring instead of what you could lose?
  • Feel more creative?

The list could go on and on…

hypnosis and NLP can help you shift your attitude. The amazing thing about hypnosis and NLP is not that someone else controls your mind.  Instead these techniques allow you to better control your own mind by becoming more conscious of your thought patterns and then being able to choose a better one. By being more in control of your mind and more aware of your thoughts you are able to reframe negativity. NLP Anchors are also helpful to pull up positive feelings.  Over a relatively short period of time you will find your attitude becoming much more positive and your ability to get out there and sell will increase as well.

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