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Get the Business Edge with Hypnosis

Get the Business Edge with Hypnosis

In business it is more important than ever before to have an edge.  Many of my clients are CEO’s of small companies, entrepreneurs and sales reps.  Most of them keep secret the fact that their “business coach” is a hypnotherapist as well.

My weight loss clients, smokers and people with fear of public speaking are pretty open with their referrals.  But the business people and entrepreneurs don’t share with competitors the things that make them peak performers.  Most likely it’s because they want to keep their competitive edge.  That’s why it is such a well kept secret. Right now I am working with several start-ups and they don’t want anyone knowing how they are so effective.

When I work with people in business it can often be more about what they don’t do than what they do.  The tasks they don’t want to do, but need to be more effective at doing.  The points below are my 6 key behaviors for being an effective entrepreneur.  By using advanced hypnotics and NLP we can make the effective behaviors into effective habits.

  1. Time management-an old idea which is still valid.  When I work with entrepreneurs who want to be more effective, I have them keep a time journal.  After a month or 2 they are amazed at how much time they have wasted.
  2. Focus on the things that make the biggest difference, not the things you like the most.  As a recruiter with my own practice, it was more effective for me to be calling companies with a candidate who was primed for an opportunity rather than doing paperwork.
  3. Use your or your employee’s strengths.  If you are good with people, don’t hide in your office.
  4. Multi-tasking slows you down. Set priorities daily and then focus like a laser on the top priority. Create a no-distraction zone for several hours of your day.
  5. Effectiveness is all about habitual practices that can be learned.
  6. When making decisions it’s best to have someone who disagrees with you and will say so.  This allows for more flexible ways of seeing the problem and the solution.

All of these practices need to become habitual or in the language I use, subconscious.  Once a habit becomes subconscious, it becomes automatic just like driving a car or a bike-no thought is needed. When no thought is needed and your focus is intense you would be amazed at how effective you become.  My start-up clients find they are less fearful, manage time better, take action without excess thought and are hugely effective.

Time is money.  If you consider your time to be valuable and you are an entrepreneur in a start-up situation, I can make you more effective.

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