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Goals and “The Secret”

Goals and “The Secret”

In this season of reassessment, looking back over the year as to what we have accomplished and what we would like to achieve in the next year, I am reminded of “The Secret.”  The book and movie was a huge hit back in 2006 and even though some of its participants have been discredited, much in this concept is valuable.  The idea that what we think about we will get more of is behind “The Secret”.   It’s called the Law of Attraction. I use this same premise with all my hypnosis, NLP and coaching clients.

This idea can be seen in most successes and failures.  Have you ever gotten up in the morning and something goes wrong and then the whole day just seems to get worse? This happens because your negative attitude, your belief that this day will go badly, causes you to make bad choices and decisions which can create a really bad day.  This also applies on the good days by using a positive focus and a goal which you can clearly see and imagine you will inevitably have a great day.

How can the Law of Attraction be used most effectively when you commit to a goal for the coming year?  First of all the goal needs to be SMART.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, stop smoking, improve sales or sports performance, develop better relationships or get rid of Anxiety or another life limiting disorder; all these goals need a way to make it clear to your subconscious or feeling mind.

Using the SMART goal template, we make the goals: specific, measurableachievable and realistic with a time frame in mind.  I also add to this list inspired, because the feeling, emotional aspect will make the motivation stronger to reach the goal.

Now the most important part is which goals to go for.  It is vital that you don’t commit to too many goals at the same time.  Generally 1 or two major goals are all that is realistic to accomplish.  Once you have your SMARTI goals written, then using the Law of Attraction focus your mind on those goals daily.  Post them in your house, on your planner, in your office as reminders. Using self hypnosis you can use a process of visualization, seeing the goal as you want it to be.  The more you can see and imagine having the goal the more it will be drawn to you.

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