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Stopping Test Anxiety

Stopping Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety just like any Anxiety is overcome using hypnosis.  Test anxiety causes the student to become highly stressed.  Often times the feeling is more like panic then simple anxiety.  When the body goes into hyper drive so does the mind. This creates the flight or fight response and drives blood flow away from the brain.  This then creates the “self fulfilling prophecy” so common with fear.  The fear does to the brain exactly what the student does not want. It takes away his ability to remember the answers, the ability to think clearly.

I use hypnosis to create a feeling of calm that is linked to the test taking experience on a subconscious level.  So the new feeling of calm now becomes automatic.  I also help the student be better prepared and more confident of their ability to absorb the information during study sessions and increase their recall and focus.

Recently, I worked with a financial planner who was scheduled to take an important exam. She was completely panicked since in the past she did not do well in test situations.  She was so anxious about the test which was 3 weeks away that she was having problems sleeping and studying effectively.  We worked together for 5 sessions and she felt calm and confident during the test and passed the exam with flying colors.

I work with children and adults to enhance their test taking ability and overcome fears. hypnosis serves as the bridge to the subconscious mind and gives much faster results then other types of interventions.

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