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High School and Hypnosis

High School and Hypnosis

I grew up in a very rural area of Pennsylvania. It was a very sheltered and conservative upbringing.  However it was the 60’s and by the early 70’s I was in high school.  Because of my sheltered life I read a lot.  I was not allowed to date in high school and so I had plenty of time to explore the school library.  I read everything, especially non-fiction books on psychology and philosophy.   One day I found a book on hypnosis.  I found it engaging and interesting.  In fact I wrote my senior year term paper on hypnosisand Medicine.

As a teenager the stories that engaged me were the terrible diseases that had been in some cases cured using hypnosis.  Things like icthiyosis(fish skin) responded incredibly well to the power of the subconscious mind.  But the thing about hypnosis that attracted me the most was the idea that after having been so controlled in my life experience, I could gain more control over myself, and my thoughts.

As a result of  all the restrictions in my childhood I was never given the chance to learn social skills and grow and develop by making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. I had low self esteem and  low self confidence and when I left home for the first time to go to college I must admit to basically going crazy with my new found freedom. I also was now too busy with studies to continue to focus on my initial interest in hypnosis and instead focused on the other types of psychology and finished my degree in that discipline.

In reality my entire life has been affected by that first experience of hypnosis.  I used hypnosis to change myself in many ways in the following years and in coming post’s I will  share with you some of my personal success stories and stories of others who have also experienced dramatic personal change.

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