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How Training in Hypnosis will Change your Life

How Training in Hypnosis will Change your Life

When I did my first training in hypnosis, I wasn’t even sure why. I just knew I wanted to know more about myself and be better at my work. At the time I had my own recruiting firm. I wanted to become more organized, motivated and confident. Another area I hoped to improve in was doing presentations and overcoming fear of rejection and failure.

Eventually through the training you work on each other in the class and and make some major changes in these ways:

  • You learn self-hypnosis which helps you to improve things like confidence and become more self reliant. No matter what you do in the rest of your day you will become more effective with hypnosis training.
  • Working with the other students you will work on each other to change habits.
  • You might release negative experiences from the past while learning regression techniques, if that is your wish.
  • Most people will become better at sales or business by becoming more effective.
  • Assistance with changing other negative thinking patterns and you will also notice improved sleep and energy.

By training to be a certified hypnotherapist, I became more effective at everything I did. I cut back on the number of hours I made calls and simply became more effective at recruiting due to increased confidence and lack of fear. The more training I took the more effective I became in “life skills”. You could say in the parlance of Daniel Goleman, that I became more emotionally intelligent. By the time I took the final training, to be a “clinical hypnotherapist” I was ready to transition to a new career and be a full time hypnotherapist.

As the phrase goes, the rest is history. I have now been a full time clinical hypnotherapist for over 22 years. I have never looked back. It was and is the best decision of my life.

Could it be that you are ready for a new challenge? Do you have things you’d like to change about yourself? Are you looking for a new career? Call now to discover if hypnosis training could be right for you.

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