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    Hypnosis and Panic Attacks

    Hypnosis and Panic Attacks

    Hypnosis can make lasting change in how your body and mind perceive stress and by doing so it can help you to overcome panic attacks.

    It might begin when you notice your heart beating hard or maybe you feel your hands getting cold and sweaty.  Perhaps you notice a tingling in your scalp or the back of your neck or maybe you don’t notice anything and then all of a sudden you can’t see properly and feel like you could fall over.

    These are all examples of the symptoms of panic attacks.  Obviously, panic attacks are very uncomfortable and debilitating.  Some are triggered by a specific setting or situation, like driving on  285 or being in a crowd of people.  However not all panic event triggers can be so easily identified.

    Often my clients are not aware of the triggers and so they feel helpless. They feel as though the panic attack happens for no reason. It may feel like there is no reason, but in reality the reasons have been building up over time.  Below the level of conscious awareness little things begin to go wrong. You feel a little stressed or harried.  Maybe your muscles around your rib cage tighten just a little.  This causes your breathing to become just slightly shallow.  Soon your neck and jaw or maybe your back feel a little tight and again this causes breathing to become more shallow.  Eventually this lack of proper oxygenation stops the brain and body from having the right mix of hormones released and the body senses this as stress.  Now you begin to notice, but it’s already too late.   A cascade of negative stress related hormones are now cascading through your body.  Too much cortisol, norepinephrine and adrenaline cause a feeling of losing control and suddenly you are in the midst of a massive panic attack.

    Anyone who has ever experienced this feeling knows it is no joke.  Hypnosis can allow you to take back control over these unconscious triggers. Becoming aware before your body goes out of control is the key to overcome these debilitating feelings.

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