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Pediatric Hypnosis-Kids are People too!

Pediatric Hypnosis-Kids are People too!

Hypnosis for children has been in use for over a hundred years. Children are highly suggestible,
making helping them one of my practice’s most rewarding and fun areas.
Just like adults, children have many issues that hypnotherapy can address. The following is a
partial list of negative issues:
o Anxiety
o Depression
o Nail Biting
o Bedwetting
o Behavior issues
o Academic motivation
o School/sports performance issues
o Night terrors
o Fear of the dark and other phobias
Using hypnotherapy also creates and enhances positive states like:
o Focus
o Motivation
o Memory
o Confidence
Supporting these positive states helps the child not only perform at their best but also makes
them feel better while they do.
During the consultation and first sessions, the child will share experiences about their past and
discuss how they feel now. The information discovered can sometimes relate to other medical
and mental health issues, so a thorough history and parents’ participation is essential.
Some other areas that we may explore before sessions begin include:

  • Identifying triggers that the child experiences.
  • Noting all the physical and emotional symptoms accompanying the problem state,
    including mental images, inner dialog, repetitive thoughts, and physical sensations.
    Even very young children can notice and talk about these kinds of experiences.
  • It’s also essential for the child to clarify their desired result. For example, feeling relaxed
    and confident when they are called up in front of their class or putting the experience of
    bedwetting behind them.

    This information helps the child/ teenager resolve internal conflicts and move forward.
    Next are the actual hypnosis sessions. The number of sessions needed will vary from child to
    child. Some can benefit from as little as three sessions; others will need a more extended series
    to get the benefit desired. I enjoy helping children to feel a greater sense of control by teaching
    self-hypnosis as part of the process.
    Hypnotherapy is a win for the parents and the child with no adverse side effects. They can
    revisit the technique of self-hypnosis or use the recordings whenever needed. These changes
    the child now benefits from become part of their mental maps and can create more success in their lives.

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