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Sell Yourself First

Sell Yourself First

When using hypnotic sales training to improve the performance of a salesperson or entrepreneur  it is important to begin with the beginning.  Since 80% of a salesperson’s success is based upon the attitude of that person it then makes sense to work on changing the salesperson first.  A highly functioning salesperson who knows his/her product or service will outsell the over trained automaton who spouts facts and figures every time.

What do I mean by highly functioning?

The following are some of the traits I look for:

  • Confident – not arrogant or overbearing (think of a used car salesman).
  • Well dressed- not necessarily dressed up because in some markets that would be detrimental.  However I have noticed a trend of really badly dressed, overly casual reps. They do not help themselves by the way they look.  Have a home office with no in person customer contact? This means you too.  Casual clothes create casual/sloppy behavior.
  • Positive and fearless- so that rejection motivates them even more.
  • Knowledgeable and prepared-If you are the kind of person who likes to “wing it” get into another career.
  • The ability to overcome obstacles for fun, because it gives them the opportunity to shine.
  • Salespeople like to be liked but they don’t need to be liked.
  • A great salesperson can read the prospect and relate, this is called gaining rapport.
  • Emotionally stable. No one wants to deal with someone with mood swings.
  • Successful salespeople like to make money.  Not necessarily just to have it but for what it can buy them. They love the recognition it brings.

There are many ways to coach someone to improve their view of the world and become higher functioning individuals.  Some salespeople have gotten into sales as a default to the career they actually wanted and are not sure what it really is all about.

I use NLP and hypnosis to change the way the person functions.  All the traits you see above could be traits of almost any high functioning person.  It is important to find the emotional issue underlying any dysfunction and then heal or change the person’s perception of the issue.

The subconscious mind of any relatively healthy person wants to improve.  The subconscious is like a smart 2 year old and most people’s subconscious has been trained to be dysfunctional.  Instances of abuse, neglect or just bad parenting/schooling can take away some individuals natural ability.  Once you get the negative emotions out of the way you free the salesperson to exponentially improve attitude and their specific skill set.

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