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Stop Smoking and Feel Less Depressed

Stop Smoking and Feel Less Depressed

Smokers, you can have less Anxiety, depression and stress.  All you have to do is stop smoking.

In a study published last week many of the common beliefs of the smoking community were debunked.  By studying the emotional life of people who stopped smoking for 6 months the study was able to determine that once the withdrawal symptoms had passed and the person was able to effectively reframe the habit that person become much more positive. In fact in the language of the study it had a similar effect to taking an antidepressant.

This is great news for smokers who wish to stop.  So many smokers believe that when they stop smoking they will become depressed or anxious or more stressed but in fact the opposite is true.

In my experience as a hypnotherapist, smokers who stop fall into a couple of categories.

Instant gratification: This group stops smoking and expects instant bliss.  The waters will part the birds will sing and they will feel healthy.  Reality is somewhat different, yes they do feel healthier but until they move past the habit and get a couple of months as a non-smoker under their belt they do not feel the full result.

Big picture thinkers:  These folks have stopped several times before and know what to expect.  They are in it for the long haul and know that it will take a couple of months or at least a few weeks to feel major impact.

Part of what I do as a hypnotherapist is to help smokers get some of the results they desire while increasing their level of confidence. It’s very important for anyone attempting change to be able to know the results will come.   With that knowledge they will be more easily able to commit fully and that will of course lead to success.

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