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Tennis, The Real Inner Game

Tennis, The Real Inner Game

As a high school and college student I spent a lot of time on the court. I took numerous lessons and was coached by many great coaches and yet, I never moved beyond certain problems with the game.

One was over-thinking.  As soon as I stepped up to the baseline to serve,  the thoughts would begin, over the years I became better at using a focal point like bouncing the ball to calm my mind, I read Tim Gallwey’s book “The Inner Game of Tennis” and then one day I found hypnosis.

Using hypnosis in sports, is at the highest levels, standard.  The Russians started back in the 60’s using hypnosis with their gymnasts during their prep for the Olympics.  Now golfers (Tiger Woods), basketball players (Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls), baseball (John Smoltz) and many more, all use hypnosis to get into the zone and improve focus, concentration and performance.

With tennis, there are many types of thoughts/emotions that interrupt the flow.

  • Fear of failure
  • Self doubt, nervousness
  • Losing Focus, Concentration

All tennis players improve their game after working with me.  By getting in touch with their negative mental habits you can change a person’s mental game drastically in a short time. It is so important to focus on where you want the ball to go instead of worrying about where it might hit the court.  Thinking is the enemy in any kind of sport.  Getting into the “zone” is the key.  Hypnosis trains the mind to get into the zone quickly and easily.

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