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The Election’s Impact on Selling

The Election’s Impact on Selling

Barack Obama won the presidential election. What does that mean to your sales?  If you sell a product or service it looks like it will be more difficult to hit your goals.  Steve Forbes is predicting another recession and most businesses and individuals are going to keep a tight fist on their expenses.

So what can you do? Get better at selling, of course.  I have 30 years experience using hypnosis and NLP to improve my sales.  Back in the early 80’s when I started my first business in executive search; I used hypnosis as a way to stay motivated, overcome fear of rejection and the unknown, and to become more focused.  I also used NLP not just on myself to create new behaviors but also with clients and candidates.  NLP is ideal since many call it conversational hypnosis.  It is a way to develop rapport quickly and also to help a prospect move in the direction you wish to lead them.  Some might say this is unethical.  But is it unethical to help someone get what they want?  Using NLP you can’t make someone want your product or service.  You can only communicate more directly and effectively with their subconscious mind creating a win-win scenario.

Some of the common issues we deal with are:

  • Developing a winning attitude
  • Lack of focus
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of failure/success
  • Cold call reluctance
  • Procrastination
  • Connecting to prospects
  • Fear of public speaking/presentations
  • NLP techniques

Unproductive behaviors will not help you in any economy.  When you are dealing with a down economy it is important to have an edge over the competition.  One thing a recession or down economy does, is to weed out the weaker sales professionals.  Don’t be one of the weak.  Get strong and successful using the power of your mind.

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