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The Mental Game of Tennis

The Mental Game of Tennis

At the highest level, tennis is a battle of overcoming adversity. The highly competitive nature of tennis is apparent, but it is only part of the physical game. The more advanced the player, the more significant the mental impact. At the professional level, the mental game of tennis is 90% of the game.

Mental toughness is a phrase that comes to mind when dealing with any highly competitive sport. With tennis, it is the key. The more talented player is often different from the player who wins. The player with better mental focus and the ability to stay on task will come out on top.

When I work with tennis players to help improve performance, the following are key areas we address:

  • Train in self-hypnosis to help the player increase their ability to get into “the zone.”
  • We use one of their centering techniques and add a post-hypnotic suggestion. Walking onto the court, tossing the tennis ball before the serve, or checking the racket strings could all be used as a trigger to gain mental focus and get into “the zone.”
  • Mentally rehearse shots while in hypnosis. Since the mind can’t distinguish between hypnotic visualization and reality, this practice will increase their confidence and improve their ability to move quickly on the court, alleviating “overthinking”.
  • Get rid of fear. The best technique to eliminate the fear of failure is connecting to the fun of playing the game. Remember why you wanted to play tennis in the first place. More than anything, this will help the players move past fear and enjoy the game as they did when they began playing. 
  • Hypnotherapy helps to deal better with injuries or stressful times and maintain a positive mindset even when at the peak of stress before tournaments.

Remember, once you know the strokes, stance, and strategy, it’s all about tweaking your mind to access your full potential and play your best mental game.  

Hypnotherapy for sports will work with all sports to improve amateur or professional performance. I have worked with ALTA-level players, aspirational teens, as well as those transitioning into professional-level sports.

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